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  • How To Be Thrifty With Your Makeup

    “How did that bottle of foundation go down so quickly?” “When did my eyeliner get so short?” Makeup can disappear before...

    BeautyHayati MagazineAug 4, 2015
  • Dubai Men Getting Nipped And Tucked

    By Amanda Fisher | Special to Al Arabiya News Thursday, 30 July 2015 Dubai is seen by many as the plastic...

    BeautyHayati MagazineAug 4, 2015


  • A Glimpse into Jannah

    One advice though, as you race to jannah, please don’t become a zalamina (an unjust tyrant). P.Feauxzar Excerpt : “Then, the...

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJul 30, 2015
  • Post Ramadhan Reflections

    Assalamu aleikum, Ramadhan came too quickly and went by in that same fashion. I was excited about Ramadhan like no other years masha’Allah....

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJul 22, 2015
  • Ramadan Eid Mubarak!

      Eid Mubarak Hayati Family and readers! Taqqabal allahu wa minna wa minkum! ^_^   (Picture:

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJul 18, 2015
  • Annoying remarks Muslim women are sick of hearing at Ramadan

    Ramadan isn’t just a time where millions of Muslims fast – it’s also a time where they’re subjected to ignorant and...

    RamadanHayati MagazineJul 14, 2015
  • Be Good

    We will never be perfect human beings no matter how much we strive to be. However, striving to be perfect is...

    FaithRumki ChowdhuryJul 14, 2015

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