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  • Stoning in Islam

    The Written Vs. Not Written Stuff: Death by Stoning, a draconian law in Islamic Ummah Part I While many of us...

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJun 30, 2015
  • Iftar Disaster

    Bismillah, The first weekend of Ramadhan, I had guests over for iftar. It wasn’t planned. A few days before that, I...

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJun 28, 2015
  • Humans of Ramadan: Humans Who Can’t Fast

    Original post We all think it. -Are people who are sick or really old required to fast? It seems like an...

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJun 27, 2015
  • Humans of Ramadan

    Original post by sister Theresa Corbin. Picture by Kaighla Um Dayo. Ready. Set. Ramadan! That’s right, folks. Ramadan has begun. That...

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJun 27, 2015
  • Why I like Ramadhan When Days Are Longer

    Bismillah, As a working mother, as soon as I log off/get off work (it depends of if I work from home)...

    FaithPapatia FeauxzarJun 19, 2015

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