Hayati Magazine was founded by and for MUSLIM WOMEN. We seek to influence Muslim women’s whole lives by helping them be fashion-forward, smart and modern within the limits of ISLAM. We want to inspire our readers to build not just PERSONAL STYLE but PERSONAL POWER.

The HAYATI WOMAN enjoys looking good, shopping and keeping up with trends. She is conscious of her MODESTY and dresses accordingly. She VALUES EDUCATION and is constantly striving to grow and better herself. She is a daughter and/or mother who understands the IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY and the preservation of her CULTURE. She is increasingly INDEPENDENT and enjoys earning and spending her own money.


  • We believe in Islam
  • We believe that it is possible to be well dressed within the limits of Islam
  • We believe that a well-dressed woman with nothing to say is just a mannequin
  • We believe that every woman should have her own personal style
  • We believe that beauty is from within
  • We believe that it is okay for a woman to enjoy getting dressed up
  • We believe that nothing should be done at an extreme
  • We believe that a black abaya looks nice on any day of the week
  • We believe that the right pair of shoes can make a world of a difference
  • We believe that women should be well rounded
  • We believe in HAYATI