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image5Salam girls! Today I’m back with a Fashion post. With the rise of modest fashion, we have so many talented fashion bloggers starting every day, it’s little hard to keep up. We don’t always have the time to go to their personal blogs to check what’s new, that’s why Instagram exists. It’s an easy way to share a glimpse of their lifestyle through beautiful pictures and of course a feed to die for. I made a list of the top 5 modest fashion influencers to follow on Instagram so you can have all your outfit, travel and health inspiration, all in one place.

  1. Maria Alia ( @mariaalia )

I recently discovered this girl and I just can’t get enough of her feed. She has an amazing modern and clean style. Her post consist of her trips, architectural monuments, food posts and of course outfit pictures. She recently went to Paris and Dubai with her sister, she didn’t fail to share the most beautiful moments with us.

Instagram modest fashion influencers

  1. Aana Nourin ( @aana_nourin )

I’ve been following her for quite a while now and saw her followers go from 10K to 57.3K really fast. It’s not surprising when you see her beautiful neutral feed. She’s an abaya queen! You know, the one that makes you jealous. She’s also selling them through her Instagram. Now that I think about it, she never wore pants in her pictures.  Instagram modest fashion influencers

  1. Lena Assad ( @withloveleena )

A beautiful Palestinian fashion blogger based in Texas. Probably the healthiest person I can think of. When she’s not sharing her beautiful wearable outfits, she’s posting her lunch which mostly consist of colorful salads that’ll make you want through your burger out the window.

Instagram modest fashion influencers

  1. Habiba Da Silva ( @lifelongpercussion )

You’ll never get bored of seeing this Brazilian and Lebanese hybrid beauty. She has amazing makeup skills that you can watch on her YouTube channel. She’s obsessed with Nigerian everything! She went to Nigeria twice in 3 months. Last year she only had a little less than 100k followers but now you can count almost half a million.Screenshot (14)

  1. Ascia AKF ( ascia_akf )

Ascia is not your typical modest fashion blogger. Her signature turban style and palazzo pants outfit may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But she’s probably the most famous modest fashion blogger out there. Her 1.6 million followers and very successful brand desert baby can prove it. Even though she’s based in Kuwait she works with the biggest American brands such as Nyx, Dior, Kenzo and much more. As a mother she’s giving the most useful tips for toddlers.

Instagram modest fashion influencers

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