INAYAH-An Interview with the designer

There’s something beautiful about modesty. I understand how ironic that term just sounded, but it’s definitely part of the inspiration behind Inayah’s fashion. Intricate threadwork and gems, with a splash of colour gives any abaya the extraordinary touch.

I had an interview with the very eloquent designer.


1. Inayah, when and how did it all begin?

Inayah started in 2010 as an accessories brand. We produced hand-made statement jewellery including necklaces and bracelets. We progressively branched out into making and selling hijab pins which was soon followed by a selection of summer maxis and abayas. The focus and ethos behind the owners of Inayah has always been about refined progression. After careful planning and detailed projections, we decided to re-brand and launch Inayah in the light it is visible in today. We are a brand with a purpose and our garments and accessories are created to compliment the diverse lifestyles of the Muslim/non-Muslim women of today that seek to implement modesty into their dress code.



2. Inayah, what is your favourite type of design for occasional wear?

This really depends on the occasion itself. For occasions without a heavily-influenced cultural theme, our Fluid Sky Abaya represents a well-defined elegant option with a clean display of pleats and texture. If attending an occasion with a more ethnic feel, we would say our favourite pieces would be the Oval Elegance Kaftan or the Essential grace Jalabiya; both of which are incredibly versatile and can be worn with/without hijabs (depending on the environment and persons present).


3. Inayah, where do you get your inspiration from, for your collection? 

Inayah and all of its products are designed and built upon three elements; Vintage, Ethnic and Contemporary. Our designs reflect distinct fusions of different periods in history, cultural art and fashion, as well as current trends. We love to focus on combinations of various colours, textures and prints which combine to result in practical, comfortable clothing exuding style and quality.



4. Where are you based and how can people, worldwide, get their hands on your clothing?

We are a London-based Online fashion boutique. We do not have a showroom at present, but people can buy directly via our online store. Our website address is: We ship worldwide using major couriers to ensure our customers receive their orders safely and quickly and in order to wear and experience Inayah with style!


5. What advice do you have for aspiring Muslim designers?

First and foremost, one must put their trust in Allah and purify their intentions. The successes of this life in terms of material matters may come quickly but lack understanding, deterring faith and morale. Another key factor is preparation, preparation, preparation! It is unfortunate that so many are let down when they reach a pivotal stage in their journey and realise they didn’t do enough research before embarking on a difficult path. One must be incredibly motivated, determined, innovative and willing to adapt to circumstances which arise when things go wrong. If you’re passionate about something, ask yourself if that passion can be converted into a sustainable means of income and why you’re seeking it. Times change, people remain, but if we as a people are to progress and excel creatively, we must accept the need to adapt and embrace development.

Rumki Chowdhury
Rumki Chowdhury

Published Author, Poet and Journalist. Born in Bangladesh, raised in USA, lived in UK and now in, Sweden. Married and mother of two daughters, Alhumduilillah.

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