Ramadan without Daddy : Khadija’s Story of Love, Courage and Hope – A Review

Author: Misbah Akhtar. Akhtar is a blogger, author, activist and mother of 4. She was born and bred in London and her passions include: photography, eating Wispa bars and finding inventive ways to tease her kids. She has a background in Psychology and English Literature, and is currently working towards becoming a life coach. She is the founder of Single Muslim Mums and Editor-in-chief of Mumspiration: her own personal transformational journey. Check out her blogs at singlemuslimmums.wordpress.com and/or mumspiration.co.uk.

Illustrator: Vicky Amrullah

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

Summary: The concept of Divorce is very challenging for young children. This book is based around a Muslim family and the story of young Khadija helping her mother and brother. The story gives many opportunities for positive discussion for parents and educators wanting to explore this difficult concept with balanced sensitivity from an Islamic perspective.

Thoughts: As Ramadhan draws to an end, many groups in the ummah dread the Eid. These groups include but are not limited to reverts, expatriates, and single parents’ households. It’s such because there is not always a strong support for such groups in the ummah. Let’s be real, they often observe the blessed month alone and celebrate in seclusion as well.  For the purposes of this review, we will only focus on single parents’ households.

Ramadan without Daddy paints an accurate picture of the reality many divorced Muslimahs with their children face during Ramadhan, the Eid, and after Ramadhan face. The book is educational and doesn’t sugar coat the reality. However, it expertly addresses the challenges each member of the family faces with tact and sensitivity.

Children of divorced parents like Khadija, the protagonist, more than often have to  handle a lot to keep the family together as the depressed parent checks out and mopes around. They are pushed to grow up in mind and action. This is also the case of Khadija in this story.

Khadija is brave and keeps her mother in her prayers until the family sees a glimpse of silver lining at the horizon. She also entertains her brother Danyal with entertaining stories to cheer him up. She’s truly a sweetheart.

We found Ramadan without Daddy a must read. It will help educators and families affected un-table the uncomfortable discussions that accompany divorce in the ummah and in Islam.

Ramadan without Daddy available on Amazon here in eBook and paperback format.

Rating: 4/5

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