Published Poet at 12-Years-Old

Excerpt from “Poems by Aminah”

Glittering Space

I look up from the Earth and I try to see

All the planets that live above me.

I gaze at the glittering and sparkling stars,

I look for Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

Using a telescope would be best,

To see Mercury and the rest.

They´re thousands of miles away from us,

You can´t get there on a train, or a bus!

You´ll need a huge rocket to get that far,

To guide through the sky and pass every star.

Astronauts, Comets and a UFO

Space is a place we´d all like to go.

Thank you, Aminah Rahman, for doing this interview for Hayati Magazine. I am sure many young Muslims will benefit from your experience and advice, at the mere age of 12! Congratulations on your success and your published book “Poems by Aminah.” I am sure my own daughter, Amina, along with other Muslim youth, will become your number one fan!

R.Your family must be so proud of you? Tell me about their reaction when they saw your published book of book of poems, they were very happy for me, which was lovely.


"Poems by Aminah"
Photo by Vikki Lince

R.When did it all begin? When did you first realize you were interested in writing poetry?

A.I have been writing poetry from a young age, since I was eight years old. We studied about poetry quite a lot and this was when I instantly knew I wanted to be a poet as an ambition.

R.How did it feel when you won “Young Muslim Writers Awards” 2015?

A.It was absolutely amazing when I found out I had won the award for the Young Muslim Writers Awards – I wasn’t expecting it at all! It was a great feeling. Winning this award just made me want to write more poems – this is where the book kicked off.

R.Who is your inspiration and why?

A.My inspiration would have to be my mother – she is a writer too! I feel like I have followed her footsteps. She’s very supportive of me and quite likes to read my poems too! As a younger child, I always wanted to be like my mother!


Amina Rahman wins "Young Muslim Writers Awards 2015"
Amina Rahman wins “Young Muslim Writers Awards 2015” Photo by Vikki Lince

R.Who is your favorite poet and why?

A.I don’t really have a favourite poet because I quite like to read a huge selection of poems, but one poet I do like is Roald Dahl. He is also a children’s writer. His poems have a great rhythm and I really like his style of poetry! I think his poetry is really interesting and is suitable for all ages.


R.What is the theme or are the themes in your first-ever published book, “Poetry by Aminah?”

A.My book doesn’t really have a theme, but most of my poems are about nature and weather.

R.What advice do you have for aspiring published poets?

A.My advice would be to keep reading because not only it is good for your knowledge, it helps with your writing in general. Keep studying about poetry – the different techniques that are used and the themes too. Keep following your dreams and don’t give up!


R.What advice do you have for young girls, such as yourself, who are finding it hard to wear the hijab? You can even tell us why you chose to wear it?

A.There is nothing to be afraid of when wearing a hijab in public – it’s something to be proud of! It was a big change when I started to wear it but in the end, you do get used to it.

Rumki Chowdhury
Rumki Chowdhury

Published Author, Poet and Journalist. Born in Bangladesh, raised in USA, lived in UK and now in, Sweden. Married and mother of two daughters, Alhumduilillah.

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