Make a list of five things you wish to accomplish by the end of Ramadan. That is probably one goal in itself, to sit down with a pen and paper or press down on letter keys.

Ramadan is not only a time to fast and contemplate or that spiritual nudge many of us, Muslims, require after the pressures of routine (ie. work) that throw us into the realms of forgetfulness.

Wastakhfirullah, you think or whisper to yourself after having read the latter. Forget what exactly? Allah? How can any believing Muslims forget Allah?

Unfortunately and yet, ever-so-truly is it easy to forget that faith is our priority. Ramadan is just many of the reminders we, as Muslims, need in order to continue on the path of hidayah (the straight path). Besides the norms of praying, fasting, charity and reading the Quran, all of which are necessities toward strengthening our faith, let’s add to it a list of five new things to accomplish by the end of this holy month. In doing so, five new things are added to our daily routine for not just the month or the year, but possibly, for the rest of our lives.

The following is just an example and guide (but feel free to use it!):

1.Resist temptation (other than food, water and other drinks), whatever that may be and it could be something as simple as procrastination from doing homework to something as addictive as buying lottery tickets.

2.Give dawah. This could be as simple as posting an Islamic quote on Facebook once-a-day (perhaps around the same time ie. 12.00) to as personal as speaking to a non-Muslim, whether a friend or stranger, about Islam.

3.Taleem. At least 10 minutes each day, read and discuss an Islamic story (hadith) with the family.

4.Even a smile is charitable. Spend as much time doing something nice for someone else whether it is helping an old lady cross the street or helping a fallen child to his or her feet.

5.Say ‘I love you’ (as cheesy as that may sound). Whether the person is your parent, grandparent, sibling, child, wife or husband, let them know that you love them by saying it. Often we take granted that which we have and do not show appreciation. Just tell that person as often as possible, ‘I love you.’ Those words never get tiring or too old because they always make the other person feel loved…that is if you say it like you mean it.

Make five goals this Ramadan with the hopes that that routine will be maintained until next Ramadan and possibly, for the rest of your life.

Oh no! I forgot to do number five today! you think to yourself. Do not panic for your intention is worthy of reward.

Rumki Chowdhury
Rumki Chowdhury

Published Author, Poet and Journalist. Born in Bangladesh, raised in USA, lived in UK and now in, Sweden. Married and mother of two daughters, Alhumduilillah.

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