“One of the Vice Presidents is quite infatuated with you,” the server said close to her ear.

“I’m not interested. I’m married,” the ebony girl replied with a haughty air, whipping her pony tail about.

The server girl sighed and went up the stairs to relay the message again.

During that time, the ebony girl cocked her head around to pinpoint Yacüb but he was nowhere to be seen. They had just finished a game challenge climbing vertical ropes at her company summer picnic.

The last team building exercise consisted of a vertical cargo had floored her. It wasn’t the normal cargo with several square knots trapping the limbs and feet of its users like loose chains. This one looked more like two vertical ladders facing each other leading to a booth where food awaited the climbers as a reward. The thing was very shaky and quite dangerous in her opinion. She quit climbing at the 60% mark letting Yacüb continue on his own to fetch her food. She had decided she would give the challenge another go after she was properly quenched.

Since she couldn’t tell Yacüb she had landed an admirer of the pestering kind, she resorted to tell the girls around her table where she was winding down around fresh drinks, savories, and sweet desserts.

“Maybe I should go up there to be firm once and for all. Plus, it will me give an idea of who he is. I mean I met several people today and he could one of two but I’m not quite sure,” Nellie said.

“Girl! What for?!” one of her friend cut in. “It could be a trap. Don’t go up there alone or you might never come back unscathed.”

“You’re right. It’s better to stay away from the lion’s den,” Nellie inferred.

“Damn right gazelle. Stay put if you know what’s best for you,” another one said, sipping on her drink while twisting the corners of her mouth and rolling her hazel eyes. At her grimaces, all the girls laughed at the sassiness.

Nellie’s laugh disappeared on her lips when the soft familiar voice of the server breathed on her neck again with these words: “He said that you either come on your own accord or he will have to use force. Your pick.” Nellie could ‘see’ the grin in the voice of the server after her words combined with the burning stare she chose not to meet.

“Girl, he is dedicated into seeing you into great chains tonight…” the server said knowingly in addition.

While the idea of BDSM sparked a sudden unplace-able interest in her, Nellie knew what she had to do; leave ASAP! Where is dog gone Yacüb when you need him? At the thought, dread immediately descended upon Nellie. Had that sadist taken care of her hubby so he could have his way with her?

©Papatia Feauxzar 2016

Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is the Love & Relationship Editor of Hayati Magazine. Feauxzar is also a Muslim Publisher and an American author of West African descent living in Dallas, Texas with her son and husband. She holds a master’s degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. After working as an accountant for a corporate firm for almost five years, Feauxzar decided to pursue Accounting from home while homeschooling her son. You can visit her website at

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