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Meet Zara J. She has cool tips that could help you find the one with two good questions you might be asking yourself in your quest for love at last. Read on!


Zara J


No one likes guessing games, gray areas, or feeling as though they’re wandering down a road to nowhere, and even more than that, wandering down a road that could happily lead to somewhere but you keep falling off track with your potential mate!

Just make sure you’re not wandering on that road alone.

Is the person you’re interested in consistent or consistently inconsistent?

Men, women panic with inconsistency. In fact, the slightest change can disrupt their senses and emotions towards you. Make sure you’re communicating and being consistent with your words and actions. They’re looking for security from you! Commit to being the delivery man.

But if you are the inconsistent person looking to improve, here are a few tips:

1. Start how you intend to finish. If you’re not a big phone person or texter, stay true to your rhythm! You can’t start in the beginning being very attentive then after the first 90 day cycle you step into the true you. Don’t market yourself, let your match buy AS IS (With all faults).

2. Communicate major life changes. Some people are known to withdraw when going through hardships, and that’s perfectly okay! Make sure your interest understands your communication style and respect their feelings enough to make them aware.

3. If you’ve lost interest let them know! No one wants to be dragged along. If you’re no longer interested in moving forward and you haven’t felt a spark within the first 90 days of getting to know them, let them down gently but be clear. You can waste a person’s money, but if there’s any hope for maintaining a healthy reputation, don’t waste their time.


Of course there are! 

So why aren’t you meeting them?

Easy answer:
You’ve lost your game-Step it up!

Game? I don’t play games.
Well okay, but sitting on social media or trolling the city expecting a “good” man or woman to fall into your lap is a reactive way to meeting someone without actually having to put in any work on YOURSELF. Even if you meet Mr. or Miss Right, if you haven’t tightened up your own skills and desirability the attraction will not last. Stop waiting to be chosen and be the chooser. Confidently seek a mate knowing your value and the value of what you attract.

Here’s a tip for attracting the classic man or woman you’re looking for:
Tip: Stick to traditions
We’ve gotten away from many traditions, and certainly many prefer to reject gender roles, but they work! If these rules of courtship didn’t apply they wouldn’t have existed for so long. You may need to upgrade techniques in some fashion, but trust me, being traditional earns respect from the opposite sex and will increase your desirability from someone who values classic ways as well. You have to be good to get good. Allow your old fashioned feminine or masculine energy to lead you to your future mate.

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Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is the Love & Relationship Editor of Hayati Magazine. Feauxzar is also a Muslim Publisher and an American author of West African descent living in Dallas, Texas with her son and husband. She holds a master’s degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. After working as an accountant for a corporate firm for almost five years, Feauxzar decided to pursue Accounting from home while homeschooling her son. You can visit her website at

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