The Evil Eye

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Assalamu aleikum Hayati family and readers,

I apologize for being so MIA in the last two months. Family and work lives took a toll on me. Please make dua for me and insha’Allah I’ll be more active here going forward.

So today, let’s talk about evil eye. As Muslims, whenever we see another person prosper or happier than us, we get a ping of envy or jealousy in our hearts. This also happens when we see someone having something we have been desiring for ages. As a result, it creates intentional or unintentional evil eye geared at the person who is happy and prosperous.

We’re all humans and the unintentional evil eye happens even when we don’t even realize it. We just need to pray as soon as it happens to ask Allah to protect the person we envy from our evil eye that our naf, ego feels.

Now, for the people who intentionally give evil eye to others for the kick of it, I pray that they see how wrong it is and that they stop. I also pray that Allah forgives them, amiin.

May Allah make us of one of those who always say masha’Allah upon hearing and seeing good news, amiin. To learn more on the evil eye, click here

Jazak’Allah khair for reading,

Papatia Feauxzar


Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is the Love & Relationship Editor of Hayati Magazine. Feauxzar is also a Muslim Publisher and an American author of West African descent living in Dallas, Texas with her son and husband. She holds a master’s degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Finance. After working as an accountant for a corporate firm for almost five years, Feauxzar decided to pursue Accounting from home while homeschooling her son. You can visit her website at

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