10 Secrets Only Starbucks Addicts Know

1. You can ask your barista to hold the water when you order an iced tea beverage.

If you’re looking for maximum tea flavor, ask for no water. Instead of having half tea (Starbucks steeps its teas to be extra strong) and half water in your cup, you’ll have all tea, aka more caffeine.

2. You can get refills for just 50 cents.

No, refills are not just a thing you get at McDonald’s when you order a soda! At Starbucks, during the same visit, you can refill your hot or iced coffee or tea for 50 cents.

3. You can order your iced drinks with a cup of ice on the side.

Your iced coffee cup isn’t being fully filled with coffee; it’s more like half coffee, half ice. Instead, tell your barista to leave a little room for ice and pour your own ice. This way, your cup is filled with coffee and you can decide how much to remove.

4. You know how to get caffeinated on the cheap: by ordering espresso shots instead of a latte.

Order three shots of espresso either over ice or hot, skip the steamed milk, and just add your own milk afterward. You now have yourself the equivalent of a hot or iced latte for the (cheaper) price of espresso.

5. You can become a Starbucks rewards member for free drinks.

On your birthday and after every few purchases, you will be rewarded with free food or drink. You can be like this man, who bought a $54 drink and paid nothing.

6. You know to always pour your own milk into your drink.

Only beginners ask for their barista to make their drink with cream and sugar. Filling up your own drink with milk is easy and it’s worth it. Milk takes away from how much coffee is actually being poured into your cup — and you know how to maximize.

7. If a venti just doesn’t cut it for you, you can order a trenta-size beverage, which isn’t on the menu.

Trenta is a size up from venti, and if you use the hacks above (no water, hold the ice, etc.,) you will have a whole lot of caffeine.

8. You can use a reusable cup and save 10 cents per purchase.

If you get one cup of Starbucks coffee everyday, this will save you almost $200 a year. That’s a portion of a plane ticket to that place you really wanted to go! Or that new bag you really wanted! You’re welcome, basically.

9. You can order a “short” cappuccino.

The short cappuccino is a secret size, like the trenta. It has the same amount of caffeine as a tall but is cheaper. Check out this piece from Slate for an explainer on the caffeine bit.

10. You and your dog can enjoy Starbucks together.

Order a puppuccino for a cup of whipped cream for your dog. (Doug the Pug got one!) You might have to explain this to your barista, but it is a thing.

11. You can combine your favorites for a not-so-typical drink.

Should you get a green tea or a latte? No need to choose one: You can get a green tea latte.

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