15 Questions to Ask Your Potential Spouse

Getting to know a potential spouse can be fun for some people and rather boring for others because it is like an interview in the hopes of securing a great life partner. Asking the right questions will not only give you an insight into the person’s life but it will also help you know if you are compatible.

Many people have often wondered what the important first meeting questions to ask are. And the question never gets old. So, we have compiled a list to take with a grain of salt to add our insights to the existing questions other people have come up with.

1. What is your relationship with your parents and siblings like?

This is a rather personal questing but it will give you an insight into the kind of person your potential spouse is. So pay close attention to them. In addition to knowing them better, his/her answer will enable you to know if he/she is a family person and how they feel about the close family relationship. Beware of cookie-cut clean responses too.

2. What makes you laugh?

No matter the situation they are in, everyone out there wants a partner that can make them laugh. Someone they can come back to at the end of the day to ease their stress away. Learning about the things that make your future partner laughs will tell you a lot about their personalities.

3. What are your thoughts on Polygamy?

This is really necessary to be asked on a first date. Have they ever experienced it?  What do they think about it? You want to make sure you are on the same page with them.

4. What was your childhood like?

Eminent psychologist Karl Menninger said one of the most reliable gauges of a person’s emotional health as an adult was a stable, satisfying childhood. Of course, this doesn’t mean that people who had issues growing up should be avoided but the commitment that your date is aware of his/her background and is working towards addressing lingering wounds.

5. What are your future plans?

It’s important to know each other’s dreams and aspirations. You want to make sure if your potential spouse will be adding to your life or hindering it. Ask them where they see themselves in the next couple of years.

6. Do you have a special place?

A place where you visit when you need to get away.

Learning where your potential likes to “hide” away will give you an insight into his/her taste and temperament. We all have a place we like to visit when we want to “disappear”.

7. What are you looking for?

Compatibility matters and so do having similar tastes. Don’t forgo asking this important question.

8. What’s on your bucket list?

His/her answer will open up a conversation and offer them the freedom to share their dreams and interests with you. His or her list could include travel plans, career goals, personal milestones, adventures, etc. Knowing that these plans won’t be hindered is a win-win.

9. What super power would you like to have if you could?

This is a trick question that would reveal plenty even though asking it sounds silly. Do they want to help the world by having that power or do they want that power just for selfish reasons?

10. What is your genotype?

This is one of the most important question. Even if all the other questions click and you are on the same page, if your genotypes are not compatible, there won’t be a future for you two. Or go vintage and pray istikhara. It usually doesn’t fail.

11. What’s the best vacation you have ever been on?

Asking this question will give you an idea of the kind of person your potential spouse is in terms of adventure and tranquility. The question also opens the conversation up to talk about related issues such as culture, climate, and cuisine.

12. What do you like to do on weekends?

If he/she will rather work on a weekend, it could mean that they are career oriented or even a workaholic.

13. What do you do for fun?

By the content of their answer, you will form your opinion on their outlook on life and personality. It will also allow you into their sense of adventure.

14. What types of nasheeds do they like?

Without instruments, with instruments, hip-hop, rap, or RnB? They don’t have to be perfect individuals.

15. What is your favorite book genre?

Is your potential spouse a fan of self-help, romance, horror, comedy, etc. ? A reader is definitely a keeper!

Amina Muhammed

Amina Muhammed is the Executive Assistant of Hayati Magazine. Passionate about writing and fashion, she is a geography graduate. A remote sensing nerd, Muhammed also enjoys writing poetry and loves cooking.

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