5 Things Converts Are Tired Of Hearing

1. When are you converting back?

People always feel like it’s an impulsive decision or you were going through a crisis and made an irrational decision. Well no! I took the time to do my research. I made sure this was the best thing for me. I weighed my options and thought about all the repercussions. So no I will not be converting back, but you should think of converting though lol.

2. What do you mean you don’t drink/smoke etc anymore?

You do not have to convert to Islam or any other religion to stop smoking, drinking and doing things which are bad for you. So yes I have stopped drinking and smoking because I love myself more and give my health a higher priority now. You should try the same.

3. Does that mean I’m never seeing your hair again?

Hmmm…. what difference does it make to you if you see my hair or not. I mean I’m sure you can look at old pictures of me if that makes you feel better, but as for now sorry love. On the bright side, you should consider covering your hair because it has really aided my hair growth and health.

4. How can you be a real Muslim when you don’t speak Arabic?

Well I mean all sacred books have their original languages. So the same way the Qu’ran is Arabic, the Bible is in Hebrew. I can choose to read the Qu’ran in English, which is not a crime (if you must know). But I personally feel like learning and praying in the language that my God delivered his message in reduces misinterpretation and I guess everyone else who does must feel the same way too.

5. What’s the point of not having sex if you’re not a virgin?

I didn’t know that virgin’s were the only ones allowed to abstain from sex. I didn’t know it was a crime for a woman who has come to the realization that she should only be sharing her body and the most intimate parts of herself with her husband to correct the errors of her past and abstain from sex.

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