1. ‘So you’re a Muslim who doesn’t wear hijab? That makes you a modern Muslim, right? I love that! You’re so chill compared to those who wear that blanket on their heads!’

Uuhm… Those blanket-wearing girls are my sisters so watch your mouth.

2. ‘When are you going to start wearing hijab?’

Hang on, let me check my agenda… I’m telling you that the choice to wear hijab is not as simple as planning a doctor’s appointment. So please don’t make us sweat with this question.

3. ‘Wow, your dad must be really chill for letting you walk around like this.’

What am I even supposed to answer to this remark? Thanks?

4. When a guy tells you that you have to cover yourself, forgetting that he has hijab too.

Just shush, please.

5. Something that is as annoying as the previous one is when fellow sisters command you to wear hijab, saying “you’re not a real Muslim”.

I’m not a real Muslim? Okay and since when do you have the right to decide who’s a good Muslim or not?

6. When non-Muslims say ‘’It would be such a shame if you’d wear a veil, you’re beautiful.”

This is the point where I don’t even mind responding. I just walk away.

Next time you meet a Muslim woman who does not wear the veil please save her from judgemental looks and silly questions. Trust me, it’ll make things so much easier, because even though we look calm, we really just feel like poking your eyes out. Just kidding, but seriously, keep it to yourself.

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