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Mumtahana Elahi is the Founder and Designer for Abayaholic. Although the brand was in the works for many years, it has officially grown to become a worldwide-recognized fashion label/brand in 2018 when she teamed up with Co-Founder & CEO, Abid Hayat Khan.

“While I am the heart of the concept, Abid Hayat Khan is the backbone of this whole agenda. The prosperity wouldn’t be possible without him,” said Mumtahana.

Since then, it has been featured in Elle USA alongside other media sources. It has even been featured at The Kuala-Lumpur Modest Fashion Week.

“Our relationship with every client is solely based on love, trust & authenticity. I believe to be a strong advocate of modest fashion and culture representative in Bangladesh, inspiring many young women towards this journey I adore.”

Mumtahana’s experience in the fashion industry is vast, ranging from the roles of Modest Fashion Blogger, Writer, Editor and Brand Advocate to having graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and Technology. 

Get to know Abayaholic:

R.You define yourself as “the first ‘Designer Scarf’ brand of Bangladesh.” What makes your hijab collection “designer?” 

A.We are Abayaholic, the “First Designer Modest Fashion Brand” in Bangladesh. As a certified Fashion Designer and being one of the leading, renowned Modest Fashion Influencers & Brand networkers in Bangladesh, we earned the title of a “Designer Brand.” We have upheld our reputation in a prestigious marque since Day- 1 of our journey as a modest fashion label.

R.ما شاء الله What sets you apart from other scarf companies?

A.Our exclusive line of scarves is called ‘CESSORY.´

We are extremely humbled as I am writing this; our environment-friendly, waste-free, sustainable approach has influenced a huge network in Bangladesh to choose responsible shopping/buying & not hoarding. But firstly, it is about our unbeatable, timeless quality of products that sets us apart from other scarf companies. Also, because every scarf comes with a label & is ethically produced from a yarn to the finished product.  

The modest fashion industry is still very new in Bangladesh and we are pioneers. Our label belongs to a marginally higher-end market and that is because of the quality.

R.What kind of woman do you design for?

A.We design for all kinds of women; hijabis and non-hijabis. In fact, our scarves are multi-purpose. We strongly believe in the strength of embracing & promoting diversity. Our prime client base has always been the youth; teens, students & working/ corporate women, even the homemakers. A lot of young women/ ladies in general are choosing modestwear, on a daily-basis.

As they say, to find extreme comfort in our scarves for longer hours, they claim Abayaholic  to be “Every Hijabi’s dream & best friend.”

Being a Designer from a fashion-forward generation, I always felt like our country had very limited options of sophisticated fashion wearables; especially scarves. Scarves are unisex and definitely in need of more exposure and enlightenment because it’s more of a necessity now than just an accessory. That’s where WE come in: to spread positivity through undying combinations of breathtaking colors with vast, luxurious fabric choices. Scarves have become an integral part of our lifestyle. 

Modesty is beautiful and comforting; this is one fact we will forever keep on repeating and reminding everyone through our platform. 

R.Your materials are beautiful, ما شاء الله. Does each scarf have a story?

A.Our range of colors are what makes us remarkable. Every color has a name & every name has its own story to tell. I believe each individual has their own perspective of defining their own shades of color and tell stories in their own ways, wearing ‘Cessory’ scarves.

Speaking from a Designer’s perspective, every color defines a personality. 

Also, I’d like to tell you one interesting fact about our label.  As we reside on a humid climatic region with majorly summer days, when it comes to scarves, we always keep in mind the breathability, skin friendliness & ultimate comfort factors for everyone. We have a wide variety of materials and the best part is that they are all summer-friendly as well as non-toxic and ethically-produced. Most importantly, the materials do not produce unpleasant odors & irritation, when in contact with the skin & sweat, even in long, hot humid weather.

R.What inspires you to create these designs?

A.Colors & aesthetically pleasing, creative visuals are my biggest inspiration. As a Designer, I’m always looking for innovative ideas, researching Intl’ Fashion reports & pantones. There is never a fixed source of inspiration for a Designer because the world is our stage! I’m always travelling though; the elements & colors from nature plays a huge role in boosting my creative juice. 

Even more, I believe in the strength of womanhood; and that a woman can do manifolds when she is supported, cherished and loved. Love & trust is my greatest inspiration & motivation; both. The support and good words from the near and dear ones, as well as our lovely clients & audience, does wonders!

We love to produce ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas that have never been seen before. Abayaholic is always updated with the international runway trend reports.

R.How can we purchase and follow your journey?

A.You can follow our journey on Facebook & Instagram, we operate full-time on our IG platform (including purchase/buying). Currently, we are working on our official website, where you will be able to find and shop for all your favorite wears.

We are currently shipping to certain parts of the globe such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, etc.  With your prayers and best wishes, we believe to be growing in leaps and bounds. All of which would have not been possible otherwise.

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