Hayati started by helping Muslim converts transition into their new lives, it then focused on modern Islamic fashion, it evolved into a lifestyle platform, and eventually, it branched out into retail, a fashion show, and social work.

We are proud to embrace our humble beginnings, and by understanding the power of the movement we started in 2012, we have a stronger drive to consolidate everything we have built into one self-sustaining and long-lasting structure.

After looking backward, standing where we are today, and looking forward, we can only say… Alhamdulillah!



Hayati’s mission is to promote gender equality, good health & well-being, quality education, and decent work & economic growth by building a global sisterhood to inform, support, and connect women worldwide.


Hayati’s vision is to be the world’s leading female voice on the global Islamic community.


Hayati’s goal is to share first-class news, practical advice, educational material, and make financial tools accessible to all while promoting gender equality and maintaining editorial independence.



Hayati is 100% women managed & run.


The Hayati woman seeks financial independence and enjoys earning and spending her own money. She values religion and education and seeks economic security. She is constantly striving to grow and improve herself and understands the importance of good health and well-being.



Hayati creates shared value through its women education grant, it’s Ramadan food drives and it’s Eid al-Kabir’s Qurbani distribution.