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Going for an early brunch takes effort. Especially if, like me, you take your time doing everything and are almost always late for everything. It also involves waking up early and travelling! But since it’s for food, it’s worth it. It was definitely worth it today. Alhamdulillah.


As you guys must have noticed by now, my dining out options are usually limited to vegetarian or vegan food so It’s nice when people that serve such dishes make the effort to make the dishes tasty. Sometimes, the vegetarian/vegan options at a restaurant are some boring salads. Why would you go out to eat and only be able to order a salad? Please, there’s rice at home.


At Addict, I thought I would order either the Chocolate Fondant Pancake or the Corn Kale Quinoa Fritters. Both seemed like good meals for brunch. I was also eyeing the Cured Ocean Trout, if it was pescatarian. Guess what? It was! I could have protein in another form. Alhamdulillah. So I ordered the Trout and M ordered the Corn Kale Quinoa Fritters. She had looked at the menu online and made up her mind. Took me a while to make up my mind. Mind you, the current online menu is different from the in-restaurant menu.


It took about 15 minutes to get our food. Before then though, I noticed a couple taking pictures of their food, who could blame them? It looked good! Of course, when our meals were served, we got to taking pictures too.

Cured Ocean Trout. Looks like salmon right?
Cured Ocean Trout. Looks like salmon, right?

The Cured Ocean Trout was to come with dill compressed cucumber, kohlrabi, creme fraiche, charcoal fried asparagus, wasabi + avo puree and blood lime. I don’t know if they all made it to my plate but I don’t feel like I missed anything. The Corn Kale Quinoa Fritters were to come with coriander and jalapeno yoghurt, mizuna, poached eggs, haloumi, green tomato and cucumber salsa. Do these meals have some fancy ingredients or what?

That's the Kohlrabi, the white cubes.
That’s the kohlrabi, the white cubes.

My meal was a solid dish. It was mostly savoury but there were some cubed things which I now know was the kohlrabi. It added some sweetness and tartness to the dish. I don’t think I would ordinarily eat asparagus on its own but the charcoal covering made a nice difference. Even the charcoal covering was interesting, it didn’t taste burnt. It was like eating any regular fried food. Thumbs up to whoever thought of the combination. The cucumber had also been marinated; it did not taste like your regular cucumber. It had an explosion of flavour and I daresay, could be a dish on its own. All in all, my dish was a good balance of flavours. I definitely enjoyed the journey.

Corn Kale Quinoa Fritters

I did not like the fritters and would definitely choose the fritter dish at Operator 25 over these ones. Also, these meals don’t look like much but they are so filling!! They are definitely worth what you pay for them.

These two dishes will cost you $18.50 each. You should also be prepared to wait before you get a seat, took us about 15 minutes before we got our places. Am I addicted to Addict Food & Coffee? No. Will I return? Probably not. Not because the food wasn’t great, but because there are other places to brunch at.

Addict Food & Coffee is located at 240 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065.


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