Allah’s perfect creation: The greatest Inspiration


This weekend, as I was gazing at the animals at the zoo (we took my baby to the Bronx Zoo for the first time), I could help but, become in awe of the beauty and perfection of Allah’s creation. True, I had gone to this zoo many many times but, as I get older, I feel as though I continue to look at things differently and in new ways. When you are young you look at animals as merely animals cute and cuddly, ferocious and strong,or as being graceful and elegant. As you get older you begin to appreciate the details found within the peacocks feather and use the colors and patterns as a source of design inspiration. As you get even older (or become even more enlightened and aware) you become appreciative of Allah’s creation. You become amazed and in awe of the perfection of the creation of Allah (swt) and subhanallah your iman (faith) in his existence and in our deen (Islam) becomes even stronger. Your conviction is pure and you see begin to see beauty all around you. Be it in the wings of a bumble bee or the scale of a reptile. Even the most gruesome animal created by Allah (swt) has an unparalleled, inimitable beauty Which cannot be surpassed. This is why we seek even fashion and artistic inspiration from the creation of Allah. Who wouldn’t want to wear the beautiful feathers of a peacock? Subhanallah. I truly thank Allah for giving me vision with Which to see the majesty of his creation and hands with which to write and spread goodness.

(Please keep our muslim brothers and sisters in Syria, Egypt, and Palestine,and across the globe in your thoughts and prayers. Truly our sufferings are nothing compared to their torment.)

Alya Alfaouri

One half of the Écharpe Mode blog, Alya is a 26 year old, Half Jordanian, Half Lebanese, American born, mother of 2. She has a B.S. in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University. Alya has always been passionate about human rights and politics as well as fashion design, beauty, and art.

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