In anticipation for summer…

Let’s be honest, especially in summer, it is quiet difficult to find the right fashion items that will look beautiful, but at the same time give us the ability to dress modestly.

Well, for spring summer 2015, there are some good news. Bohemian chic is back, but this time it is not all about short dresses, it is time for a more romantic approach, more modest approach.

Long dresses made out of very airy material are the perfect choice for hot summer days. But what makes this season outstanding, are the prints that come with those dresses. They remind us of warm summer evenings, fruity mocktails and a walk on the beach.

The prints are made of flower elements, as well as geometric prints, giving the look a romantic, yet modern touch. We can dress them up with high heels and the right accessories or dress them down with some flip flops and an oversized bag.

No matter how we choose to wear this style, it always allows for an effortless romantic look, capturing feminine elements such as pastels, flowers and soft materials.

All there is left to say is, let summer begin…



Nedda Bahadori

While I was always interested in Fashion and Psychology, I discovered the beauty of Islam in my early 20s. It did not just change my whole habits, way of thinking and behaviour, but it gave me a meaning to everything I couldnt really explain or failed to see meaning in. I love reading, learning about the unconscious force that drive people along with all psychological aspects of life, shopping as well as eating. My believe is that we cannot change what happen or will happen to us as this is not in our hands, it is with Allah (swt) to what our destiny is, but we can certainly chose how to respond to our circumstances as Allah (swt) gave us the ability to make decisions.

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