Arab Idol Insanity


When Arab Idol aired this season, I witnessed, much to my dismay, many Muslimahs fawning over the male contestants. It was to the point of obsession. This made me feel sad for our generation of Muslims. I understand that girls will think that a man is handsome and admire him but, to defend such people without knowing them and to act as though they are perfect and without fault is quite foolish. Note, dear muslimahs the story of the prophet Yusuf and how the women were so blinded by his beauty that they cut off their own hands. This is how muslimas are acting when they obsess over pop stars and models. They harm themselves. They become more concerned with how a man looks rather than the purity of his heart. Their dignity is lowered. Their self respect is gone. I’ve heard of so many muslimahs acting like crazy fan girls even for Maher Zain and Sami Yusuf concerts!! I mean seriously?! Even to a Nasheed concert!? I do hope my fellow muslimahs pay close attention to their actions because, in the end, how embarrassed and little will you feel when you have to answer Allah (swt) for why you have acted in such a way?! Think about it!

Alya Alfaouri

One half of the Écharpe Mode blog, Alya is a 26 year old, Half Jordanian, Half Lebanese, American born, mother of 2. She has a B.S. in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University. Alya has always been passionate about human rights and politics as well as fashion design, beauty, and art.

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