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We all know Ash-Shams as being the name of a Surah in the Holy Quran meaning “The Sun” and this is exactly what has inspired a this couple to name their abaya and hijab company Ash Shams. The company was founded in 2012 by a young couple passionate about doing something rewarding for their deen. Their dream was to create a brand that is exclusive and unique for the Muslimahs of today. In our interview, they let us know that the process of choosing a name for their brand took a lot of time. They weighed many option, but none really conveyed the message they wanted their customers to get from their brand. However, one day they came across the Surah Ash-Shams and it just clicked. Ash Shams means ‘the Sun’ and the Sun always shines. The brand, Ash Shams, believes that a woman should also always shine in the eyes of Allah swt. By designing clothes and accessories which are within the limits of Islam, they want women to also shine on the outside and look pleasing to Allah swt.

From the beginning, the inspiration for the brand was Islam. Ash Shams wanted to do something that they had a passion for and Islam is their passion. They also wanted the capture the fact that society is ever changing and the role of women has also changed. They believe that Islam liberates women and holds them in high regard; so women should not have to compromise their way of life for the duniya. This is where Ash Shams comes in. They are here to provide clothing which grasps the concept of modesty and at the same time offers a modern and sophisticated twist.

Ash Shams which just launched their website and online catalogue a few days ago on the 27th of February, tell us that they are “planning to release one collection per season Insha’Allah, with each collection having an original theme”. As browsed through their online catalogue, I noticed that their designs were very elegant and seem to be a mix of day and evening wear. In our interview, Ash Shams lets us know that customers should expect a range of “traditional black abayas, which are an essential in every Muslimahs wardrobe, to beautiful evening abayas, perfect for a special occasion”.
In one of their advertisement posters, there is a lovely woman dressed with a niqab. I was eager to ask Ash Shams whether they would be catering to Niqabis as well (since it is a highly untapped market and they many find it hard to style their niqab). They let us know that they aspire to cater to all Muslimahs and that soon to come in their summer collection will be face coverings. I applaud their work and wish them success, insha’Allah.

Although the founder are not the ones actually designing the clothes, they are very involved in the process by investing their time and effort into researching what Muslim women want and gathering ideas which are then discussed with their design team who create the sketch for the products. When asked what their favourite accessory is from their line they immediately said the Ruby Red hijab pin which is available in their online store.

Finally on a ending note they have a little advice for you. “The Muslimahs of today are so independent and strong minded alhamdulillah and our advice is to be confident and comfortable in your own skin as this will reflect on the outside. And to remember that it doesn’t matter what people think of you because in the end it is Allah’s swt pleasure that we are aiming to seek, so we should always reflect and purify our intentions to meet this goal Insha’Allah”.

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