Be The Best-Dressed Winter Fashionista

Written by Nourhan Khaled Ibrahim 

It’s Winter! This is my favorite time of the year. I sympathize with those who have

“Winter Depression.” I’m grateful I don’t have that. I actually fall in love with everything halal in this season! My spirits are in their best forms as well during this season, especially when it comes to fashion and styling.  Therefore, I’ll tell you about the winter lookbook in this article. If you live in an area of the world where there is barely any winter, please share my post with someone who will find it useful or save the info if you travel in a country where my tips might come in handy.

So, during the winter, we often feel like it´s hard to be stylish. We come to believe that we can’t get that combination between staying warm and styling. And there is some truth to that. It can be hard to get the right balance, but trust my upcoming winter fashion tips in this post and in the end, you will be a winter fashionista! 

Now, time to dispel some un-true mindsets about winter. When we think about winter, we automatically think about just dark colors to keep us warm. However, winter shouldn’t  be about only dark colors. And sweaters aren’t the only winter essentials that can keep us warm. There are lots of winter accessories that can make you feel warm and fashionable at the same time.

And who said that soft materials are not available in the winter?! Soft materials is kind of the candy of the winter time, with simple and smart touch. It could twist your look. And remember, winter shouldn’t get that one direction shape of style, there’s a very nice alternative to that typical. 

 Here´s the summary of what is IN this season:

  • Animal prints items: investing in one animal print item can give you a special style. See below.
Victoria Beckham’s Animal Print
  • Glossy Fabrics: they can look weird when worn but with just one glossy item in your closet you can look fashionable and different.
Chanel’s Gloss Fabrics
  • Weird Items: only one weird item in your outfit can also change your look and make you stand out in a good way. Maybe, it’s socks, a scarf, a jacket, shoes, a pair of pants, etc. Try to be a little weird this winter. 
Escada’s Weird Items
  • Luxury looks: they give you that glamour. 
Givenchy’s Luxury Style
  • Leather everywhere: leather is a trend that never dies.
Givenchy’s Leather Items
  • Modesty Dressing: it’s good for us hijabis to know that Modesty is a trend these days. It’s trendy because the outside world has realized it’s more comfortable and a great market niche.
Valentino’s Modesty Dressing
  • Layering, Layering and Layering: it gives you lots of options for your look.
Ralph Lauren’s Layering Style


  • Over-sizing: in my opinion, this is the best trend that I can use everyday  in different ways.
Valentino’s Over-sizing Look


To guide you more, below is a color palette to help you in picking stylish Fall-Winter’s clothes.


Now, check out more winter lookbooks for some outfit ideas.




To close, I have to say that everyone has its own style. You can create your own fashion with little help and inspiration from other stylish ladies. They will inspire you on how to pick up clothing items, put pieces together and create awesome outfits. Tweak their tips to fit your personality and style.

Bio: Nourhan Khaled Ibrahim is a passionate fashion blogger writer. Her goal is to become an international modesty influencer and showcase that fashion is an ART used for social criticism between different cultures and religions. You can find her on Instagram at .

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