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Khadija2Khadija A. Rashid, co-founder of the sensational Jannah’s Gifts online shop has worn the hijab ever since she can remember. Khadija’s mother, who is a very handy woman, has been sewing her and her sister’s hijabs since kindergarten and has had a major influence on Khadija’s love for textiles. The older Khadija got, the more her interest in textiles and fashion was nurtured until one day she and her sister decided that they wanted to “offer something new” to young Muslim women like themselves. They found a void in affordable quality Muslimah fashion and decided to fill that void and package it with a great shopping experience. When Jannah’s Gifts first launched in 2007, it sold primarily hijabs, however, along the line the sisters began to expand into jewelry and clothing.

Similar to most start-off companies, Khadija faced some challenges with Jannah’s Gifts. In the beginning, they had a hard time finding the best products to offer their customers. Quality has and will always be part of Jannah’s Gifts’ mission. All of their products are handmade or handpicked and are unique being that they not only represent the sisters’ values of modesty but also provide their customers the quality and modesty they deserve. In our interview, Khadija told us that she and her sister “are glad [they] did not compromise [on quality] then, and [they] will not compromise now.”

On a lighter note, we asked Khadija what her favorite fashion must have of the moment is and she immediately told us that it is the Maryam Maxi Hijab from the Jannah’s Gifts hijab collection. “I wear one of the colors almost every day” she told us. “Jannah’s Gifts is now based in Texas and the Maryam maxi keeps me cool in this heat; it’s my favorite item for this reason.” No matter what her day looks like, Khadija admits that she always has her iPhone with her. “I seriously love my iPhone. There is an app for everything: iQuran, ipray, scheduling, email, inventory, etc. It allows me to easily keep up with everything on our busy schedule.”

“Islam is my life; it is the compass which guides me”, Khadija tells us.

On the issue of the hijab, which is the first product Jannah’s Gifts started with, many women are eager to know whether the women behind these big brands actually do wear the hijab themselves. When I asked Khadija, she reassured me that she has worn the hijab daily since she was 4 years old. “I feel most beautiful in hijab. For me wearing the hijab is more than a cloth, it represents something much bigger; I wear it to obey Allah swt and guard my modesty.”

Khadija has great advice for women struggling with wearing the hijab. In our interview, she said

“life is not a competition. In Islam intentions are important; make the intention daily to better yourself. Start-off by learning to cover your body in different ways before wearing a Hijab/Khimar. For example, trade in the skinny jeans for wide leg pants, or short sleeve tops for long sleeve. Hijab is more than a cloth it is the character of a Muslimah. When you understand the modest character wearing the head scarf (Hijab) will come more easily.”

When it comes to her personal life, Khadija tells us “family is everything to me so I really have to work hard to keep a good balance between work and my family. I am married to the love of my life and have a 4-year-old stepdaughter. Most of my spare time is spent with my family. Our daughter is at an exciting age and very curious about new activities. Lately my free time is spent allowing her to explore her passions in ballet, karate and try out new things. It has been a fun journey to watch her grow. It is a challenge but with lots of scheduling, lots of relaxing, and many duas, I am able to get it done. Anything is possible with the help of Allah swt. My husband is also very supportive. Him being by my side creates extra time for me to work and it is a bonus that he often gives me amazing suggestions and ideas.”

With regards to Jannah’s Gifts future, they are looking to launch a line of dresses in the fall in sha Allah and would like to offer plus size dresses in this line as well.

“Modesty is a challenge for any Muslimah but can be extra difficult for the plus size Muslimah,” Khadija tells us. “We’ve decided to offer full length everyday dresses in prints and solids with exquisite designs for everyday Muslimah styles. We look forward to expanding our line and anticipate everything that is yet to come.”

Don’t forget to visit their site and shop from their amazing array of hijabs, apparel and accessories!

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