Soukeyna Osei-Bonsu sweeps us off our feet and takes us into flight, where we all come together and feast in the sky or…so to speak. At least, at first glance of Soukeyna’s poetry book, “All the Birds Were Invited to a Feast in the Sky,” that is exactly how I felt. The image of birds flying in a pattern that screams unity, togetherness or inclusivity despite who you are.

Her Life in Prose

She writes her life in the form of prose. Although we can say that poetry, in general, is the unveiling of one’s most inner self, Amerah Saleh writes her autobiography in the form of poems in her book, “I am not from Here.” This unique technique truly moves the reader just as prose and rythm normally do, but with a mixture of the speaker’s (poet’s) recollection of the past that has shaped her into who she is today. See interview below:

It’s Past Midnight Somewhere

Imagine sitting on a balcony or on a bench, even lying down on grass and looking up toward the  midnight sky, utter silence embracing you as you contemplate on your journey through life thus far and fill your head with hopes of the future.

That is what I felt while reading “It’s Past Midnight Somehwere” by Jamal-e-Fatima. 

She Roars Through The Pages

“A Lioness’s Roar” is a collection of poetry representing a marginalized voice, the voice of Fatima Faras.’ She is a budding writer who has published her first book, a collection of poetry targeted to inspire women of all cultures, worldwide and to impact the youth who struggle between maintaining their cultural background while growing up a completely different one. Let’s meet Fatima:

Marriage Recipe

Written by Zeneefa Zaneer An excerpt from the novel Nothing but Love One more time……

Dear God

Dear God, As I get down on my knee I hope you forgive me I…