Designer “Headed Some Wear”

Photography by Shabih Aftab

Model: Kiara Marshall, Pris J, Kayla G

Makeup by Urooj + Makeup by Kayanda

R.Your collection of headscarves/hijabs have a very city-feel to them and that is not because of the skyline print, which seems to be a signature scarf, but because it is focused on “life” and “living.” Each print imminently means something important. Describe the significance of the prints.

N: Thanks! Yes, our custom prints are all designed by us and printed exclusively by us. The idea and story behind each of the scarves varies.

For instance, our Skyline scarf represents growth and reaching for your dreams. We believe in constantly challenging, inspiring, and motivating our followers and customers and this scarf is a great way to represent that. We based this design with NYC in mind and our team took multiple takes and tries on it but we finally got it!

Our Heartbeat Scarf was the first scarf actually ever designed by me. It represents breaking boundaries, being brave, and taking a step outside of your comfort zone.  At the time, when I first designed it, that’s also what the business and the design represented to me- something I was scared to do. But, الحمدلله, I did!

Aside from that, the Constellation scarf is another favorite of mine. Other than the fact that I love stars- it’s also dedicated to all those women who keep giving to others and don’t get time for themselves. Women who are mothers, struggling with mental illness, working, divorced, single whatever it may be. It’s important to remind ourselves that it’s okay to take a deep breath and look up and get lost in God’s beauty.

I can’t forget about the Birds Scarf and the Dandelion Scarf (both from our “Embrace Collection”- our latest release)! Both of these represent “letting go” and freeing yourself from society’s expectations of “perfect”. We’re a HUGE advocate for taking a stance against beauty norms such as light skin tone, colored eyes, smaller body type etc and wanted this scarf to be a basis to be able to say, You know what? There is not just ONE kind of beauty.

R.Unique logo! What does it mean or symbolize?

N:  Thank you! The H & S together symbolize a staircase – as in we are all “Headed Some Wear.”

R.Describe to us your journey and goals with Headed Some Wear.

N: I want young girls of all colors and sizes to look up at my business and see themselves. I want to inspire them and make them feel like my models, scarves, vision, and message speak to them. Breaking boundaries, questioning the norm, being who you are meant to be unapologetically is the message I want to share and encourage in my customers and followers.

R.Tell us a little bit about yourself.

N:  I started this business a few years ago in college. It was something I was terrified to d,  but I knew my designs and vision was big enough to make it إن شاء الله‎. I l used to love graphic design and cute, edgy prints and thought to myself- why not make this on a scarf? I also worked a lot in analytics and used to have exposure to fashion so I understand the market and industry pretty well.

Overall, I don’t believe in just doing what everyone is doing, just to make it to the top. I know exactly what sells, what kind of beauty standards are considered more appealing from a marketing point of view, but I don’t believe in selling myself or my business short.

To learn more and purchase, visit their website.

And…follow them on Instagram @headedsomewear

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