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Buno Design is an innovative and environmentally-friendly modest fashion line as well as bespoke. The creators of Buno Design are three sisters named, Esmahan, Amnna and Sara. They created Buno Designs based on their passion for fashion a

nd knowledge of fashion. Celebrities have worn their designs as in one of UK´s leading radio personalities and fashion show speaker, Shemiza Rashid.  Meet these girls who create fashion to make a difference in the world! I have had the pleasure of interviewing Esmahan Abdallah

R. How did Buno Design begin? What does the word, Buno, mean?

E. The name, Buno, was our paternal grandfather’s nickname. We are three girls and we knew we couldn’t carry his name down the line in the traditional way. So, we decided to name our brand after him to carry on his legacy.

Esmahan, Sara, Ammna
Esmahan, Sara, Ammna

To answer your question regarding how did Buno Design begin, we have to go back to our humble begining when we started Buno Design Bespoke line. We started our bespoke line in 2014 after many years of frustration from trying to find modest clothing that was not out-dated or linked to a specific culture. We sisters have worked hard to build the brand from scratch.

As young professional women, we wanted modest, yet modern sophisticated garments that catered to women of all backgrounds. When two of us, sisters, were getting married, we could not find wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses that were both modest and modern.

This left us to design and create our own wedding and bridesmaids´ dresses. We spent years making our own evening wear clothes. From there on, the idea of bespoke bridal and evening wear came to life. And so, Buno Design Bespoke was born. I am the Marketing Manager and Textiles Designer, Amnna is the CEO and Fashion Designer, and Sara is the Sales Manager and Brand Ambassador.

R. It certainly sounds like an incredible journey! Tell us about it.

E. We did a deeper research into how the modest fashion market was doing and we found out that there was a great void in the market that needs filling especially in the niche market of Modest Bespoke garments in the UK. Starting Buno Design Bespoke was a no-brainer for us. We always knew we wanted to start our own company together. One and half year into the bespoke business, we learned a lot and we did not just want to be another fashion brand. We wanted to also make a difference in the fashion world. We spent this last year researching and making many changes to our brand. We decided to start our ready-made line as the demand grew and we could not keep up with orders. All our bespoke garments are designed and made in house in our studio is based in Northampton.

R. What makes your fashion line unique?

E. The biggest decision we made about our brand is that we want to be 100% ethical in every way we can. From our manufacturing to our packaging, labels and even postage materials. Fast fashion is the second polluter in the world after oil and we want to change the consumer´s perception about this, one garment at a time. We make sure to only work with manufacturers that follow the code and conducts of a fair work place and fair pay. We are striving to produce high quality garments that last for long time rather than producing fast, cheap ones that end in landfills.

R. Where do you get your inspiration from?

E. We get inspiration from looking at architectural buildings to simple things like the texture on a fabric we fall in love with. When you are in the creative field, you can get inspired from anything around you. We do constant research on old and modern designs, not only in the fashion field, but also in architecture, photography, nature and even product designs. It is very important to keep up with the fashion world, but we do not have to follow every trend in life. Standing out of the crowd is essential to stay on top of the game.

R. Do you have a degree in design? When did you first realize you wanted to do design?

E. Yes! I have a BA (Hons) in Woven Textiles Designs from Loughborough University. I graduated in 2007 and worked for a couple of woven design companies such as Stephen Walters & Sons Ltd. who are one of the last mills in UK that began at the end of the 17th century. I was lucky enough to work in a company that had an in-house mill, a rarity nowadays since majority of design companies use woven textiles mills that in the far east. I was also fortunate enough to work for another reputable design company, Roberto Group Ltd. which is one of UK’s leading clothing suppliers to the high street and corporate companies. I have gained valuable knowledge in how the supply chain works both in the UK and abroad.

Amnna graduated in 2009 with BA(Hons) in Fashion Knitwear from Nottingham Trent University. She has spent six months in New York working with Rasley Group. This was a great opportunity to be exposed to one of the most fashion capitols of the world. Also, she has worked at Sophie Steller Design Studio in London. They specialise in all aspects of knitwear, colour and trend research.

Sara, who is our youngest sister does not have a fashion degree, but has accumulated an extensive experience in fashion and retail over the years. She also has a natural eye for fashion and is always setting her own unique trends. She is also the face of Buno Design for our marketing campaigns.

We always knew that we would start our own fashion business. We grew up in a creative home and making things was second nature to us. We just had to wait until we finished our education before beginning that journey.

R. Your fashion is chic, trendy and elegant. It seems like Buno Designs wants every woman wants to feel like a queen. What is the message behind Buno Designs?

E. We wanted to create designs that are classic, timeless and elegant. We want our garments to be passed down to generations and still be trendy and relatable.

Our message for women is simple , “Every woman is beautiful in her own way, no matter what size, shape, colour or background.” Beauty standards have been shoved down our throats and that must stop. Women should empower each other based on our inner beauty and abilities, not based on our looks. We want to be able to make sure every woman feels represented in our collections. Our young girls need to be taught positively about body image and not what is often portrayed in fashion magazines and on the catwalks.

Radio Personality Host, Shemiza Rashid, wearing Buno Designs.
Radio Personality & Host at The Urban Woman Show, Shemiza Rashid, wearing Buno Designs.

R. Tell us about your winter line.

E. For our winter line, we are working on various Kimono style Jackets that can be worn in many styles. We have different fabric types to suit for the winter and some for the summer too. These are versatile designs and suitable for every shape and size. They can be for formal wear or party. Our diamond textured skirts (black/ivory) are made from heavy fabric that are suitable for winter wear.

R. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

E. The best advice we could offer for aspiring fashion designers are: do your extensive research before starting a project, make sure you know your intended market well, be prepared to make mistakes along the way and that is okay because we all learn from them, be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices personally and financially. It is hard work to be a business owner/entrepreneur especially in the fashion world.

R. How can people get their hands on Buno Designs?

E. Buno Design is an Online brand and you can visit to make purchases. On the other hand, for our bespoke services, you can drop us email on We are always happy to hear from our clients whether they want to place an order or they would like to give us their feedback. Alternatively, you can book an appointment to visit our studio at


The Portfolio Innovation Centre

Avenue Campus

St Georges Avenue

Northampton NN2 6JD

Rumki Chowdhury
Rumki Chowdhury


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