DIY: Grapefruit Cellulite Scrub and Body Oil

I don’t know why I’m always surprised that there is a natural remedy for any ailment that works as well as (or better) than expensive commercial solutions. Even cellulite! Mother Nature must be a girl, right? We all have our lumps and bumps and this simple cellulite scrub and body oil will help improve the appearance of your skin – no harsh chemicals required.


This cellulite oil penetrates skin easier than those fancy creams and lotions so the essential oils can do their magic. I’ve combined three essential oils that are naturally effective against cellulite.


  • Grapefruit essential oil contains large amounts of the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain, which helps break down cellulite.
  • Juniper essential oil is known for its detoxifying and purifying effect.
  • Rosemary leaf oil stimulates circulation and vital metabolic processes.


DIY: Grapefruit cellulite oil


½ cup olive oil (can also use almond, jojoba or even coffee-infused oil)

15 drops grapefruit essential oil

15 drops juniper essential oil

5 drops rosemary essential oil


1. Combine oils in a glass jar and stir to combine.

2. To use, apply a small amount of oil to damp skin.

3. During the first four weeks of use, massage oil into the skin with circular movements, at least twice a day.

4. For ongoing maintenance, continue with the daily application.



You can’t talk about cellulite without talking about my favorite remedy, coffee. The caffeine in coffee grounds acts as a temporary diuretic that removes excess water from the skin. Just like it does for puffy eyes, caffeine tightens and improves the appearance of those troublesome areas. Plus, the grounds make an excellent exfoliator to remove dead skin.

And, you can add grapefruit again here for its natural ability to breakdown fat and cellulite. (Excuse me while I add grapefruit to everything now.)

DIY: Grapefruit cellulite scrub


½ cup sugar

½ cup coffee grounds (fresh or used)

½ cup oil (pick your favorite – almond, olive, coconut, etc.)

15-20 drops grapefruit essential oil


Combine ingredients in a bowl, stirring together to thoroughly mix and create a thick paste.

Add more oil or sugar to get desired consistency.

Store in a lidded container. Will last several months unless water it introduced.

To use, apply to skin and scrub in circular motions over areas with cellulite.

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