Why I don’t need to ‘DATE’ to find my future partner

This is something I have had to learn the hard way. I know so many of us are victims of heart breaks and what not, trust me you will be fine. Hopefully after reading this you would be.

I have three reasons that have made me decide not to date. These are of recent, but I hope you’re able to see them as genuine reasons, though these things take time to come to terms with but a step at a time In sha Allah will make it easier for you.

My reason are…

  1. I need to be loved by Allah:

Allah’s love is the best love to strive for. It is love we should be crying for, because Allah is the only one who we can run back to more than 8 billion times and HE will continue to give us chances. I need to make my love for Allah so strong, that He is the only one I look for, I cry to, tell all my problems because Allah can never get tired of me, Allah loves it when we go to Him. He always provides for us. My loving Allah is me being able to run to only Him in my time of need because, He is the only one who can help me. When I fall out of place I always turn back to Him and He is the one who forgives (Al-Ghafur). Allah does all this for me and in the end I need to appreciate everything that He has done and given to me. To praise Him and worship Him day and night. To live my life to please Him. I being able to trust only Him and to believe in Him are the ways I can return the favours Allah has given to me. I have to obey Him and knowing Allah does not like certain types of things I must abstain from them to increase my bond with my Lord.

  1. Trusting that Allah would bring the right person to me:

This is me knowing that loving Allah is the foundation that every other love is built upon. Love will be in its purest form once the foundation is solid. You trust Allah, and He will give you the one who deserves you, who will take care of you and make you make you their queen because Allah already destined it to be with him. But when we begin to fall out and begin to try our luck with everyone, we will only end up broken because they are not the ones for us. We need to keep calm and relax, the one who Allah wrote down next to you more than a million years ago is going to come at the right time and trust me when you see them you will know that this is the one.

  1. Not wanting Allah to be angry at me and the one that I love:

Loving someone so dearly would make me leave him till the time is right because, I know I don’t want to ruin him or myself in the sight of Allah. It is me being able to hold myself from the fitnah of adoring and wanting them before marriage because I want a perfect future with them. Knowing that Allah will be pleased if I can wait till one day I approach him or he approaches me for the purpose of eternal pure love (marriage) and both of us not engaging ourselves in things that will only cause the wrath of Allah on us. For if I love someone so dearly that I would want to spend the rest of my life with them I would want Allah to be pleased with the person, me and the both of us together. Therefore I will wait until the time is right when marriage becomes an option for me to choose. Doing this for the sake of Allah, So Allah would be pleased with us and He would shower his blessings on us and the relationship because of its purity and its purpose.

True love starts after nikkah, protecting yourself from the curse and starting love in its purest form. Halal relationships are what will lead you to eternal peace and abundance of love. What’s better than a love that’s for the sake of Allah and built on the fear of Allah, that will end with two of you in Jannah?

It’s for yourself, for your soul and for the one you love. Take a step at a time and In sha Allah it’ll be fine ❤

May Allah forgive us for those sins we have committed knowingly and unknowingly and may He grant us the strength to move closer to him.


Jazaka ’Allah Khair

Fatima xx

Nana-Fatima Ozeto

A 19 year old avid writer.

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