Dosage Café, Burwood

I was looking at blogs one day when I ran across Dosage Café during my search for halal restaurants. They had this Halal Snack Pack (HSP) Jaffle Special which I thought was a bougie take on your traditional HSP. A little backstory: HSP is a dish that is made up of fries, cheese (optional), kebab meat and the trio sauces of chilli, barbeque and garlic. The authentic version is also served in a styrofoam pack. I love the movement around it and it is such a great comfort food. Halal, tasty and convenient! A word for the wise though, don’t eat too much of it; one serving can also be divided into at least two meals or shared with someone.

A regular HSP looks like this:


The Dosage Cafe HSP looks like this:


Do you see the bougieness?

You might also be wondering why there are syringes in a sandwich. Well, Dosage is a science themed restaurant so syringes, test-tubes and beakers are common place giving a different spin to ‘Fun with Science’.

beaker of water

Dosage has an indoor and outdoor seating area and I chose to sit outside as the outdoor area was nice and airy. I however spent a lot of my time battling flies. I can’t say that it was the sitting area though, they were still chasing me after I left.

outdoor area

Sugar + Sodium

Specials Menu

The syringes in the Dosage HSP were tempting enough to make me want to order the dish – it would have been nice to apply sauce to my food via a syringe – but the dish came with poached eggs and nope, no runny yolks for me. I ordered the Dosage Parma, opting for the gluten free option and out of character, I got a drink too. The Konomi Matcha, which reminded me of the hotcakes from Operator 25, had the option of original or vanilla; I got the original.

Konomi Matcha

It took about 15-20 mins to get my food which didn’t feel like too long; my matcha tea and a magazine were there to keep me company. When my meal arrived, I was offered pepper which I declined. I probably shouldn’t have. It might have been my Nigerian palate but I thought it was a bit bland. After the addition of the pepper though, it was better. The tomato sauce they used could have done with more spices.

Dosage Parma

The cheese was stretchy which is usually great in a dish, reminds one of stretchy cheese on pizza. This jaffle sandwich came with chicken chunks that, unfortunately, weren’t properly marinated. Fortunately, combined with the other ingredients, it wasn’t a problem. The dish also came with nuts and seeds that added a welcome crunch to the dish.

It was a nice meal, Alhamdulillah. The jaffle sandwich and matcha tea cost me $20 which is a reasonable price. I’d probably want to visit again as its closer to my current abode.

Dosage Café is located at 140 Burwood Hwy, Burwood VIC 3125.


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