Freedom and Hijab


Nowadays many people say they do not want to wear hijab because, they want to live their life and enjoy their freedom. I do not find this to be a legitimate excuse for not wearing hijab. I do understand that there is no compulsion in faith and that women should only wear hijab out of conviction and knowledge that it is the right thing to do. I am not judging anyone. I am merely stating my opinion regarding this ridiculous excuse.

Contrary to popular belief, freedom has nothing to do with what you wear. Freedom is in the mind. People can be free and live a full and happy life by pleasing Allah (swt) and leading an Islamic lifestyle. Happiness or pleasure need not be gained through primordial acts such as drinking, partying, dating, and dressing in a provocative manner. If you do believe that this is the way to “live your life” and that by performing these actions you are free, then so be it! in the end Allah (swt) is the ultimate judge. Choose to wear hijab or don’t wear it at all. I just abhor the excuse of wanting to stay “free” as the reasoning behind not choosing to wear hijab.
The excuse of wanting to be free is an insult to islam and all those who wear hijab. It insinuates that hijab somehow takes oppresses women and prevents them from living and enjoying their lives. It is Islam which gave women rights which no other religion had given women before. It is Islam which freed women from the shackles which bound them. It is Hijab ( an essential part of Islam) which gave women the right to cover themselves in a manner which protects them and prevented them from being regarded by men as cheap pieces of meat. IT helped elevate the status of women and helped them be more appreciated for their intellect rather than their looks.

Freedom is not the ability to bare your legs for all men to see rather, it is the ability to choose to conceal and cover your body. By covering what is not important and protecting yourself you, will then show the world how smart and intellectual you are. Most women complain that they are never taken seriously. Well, Islam has given us a medium through which we can obtain the freedom to be taken seriously so, why make such petty excuses? I reiterate, if you don’t want to wear hijab then don’t, just do not go around claiming that hijab will restrict your freedom. You will be surprised by how much more free and at ease you feel when you do wear hijab.

Alya Alfaouri

One half of the Écharpe Mode blog, Alya is a 26 year old, Half Jordanian, Half Lebanese, American born, mother of 2. She has a B.S. in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University. Alya has always been passionate about human rights and politics as well as fashion design, beauty, and art.

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