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As a mother, a very difficult task I find is convincing my child to put away her phone. She downloads game apps and it can be addictive. This author, also a teenager, records his life after the game is over! He is forced to find other activities after his games are taken away from him. Here is an exclusive interview with young author, Anwar Diggins.

Rumki Chowdhury: Where did the inspiration for Game Over come from?

Anwar Diggins: When I was 10-years-old, I wanted to get a new game that all my friends had.  I went to the game store with my dad. This grown man looked like he was tired and he did not have enough sleep, and said that he wanted the new Mario kart game. My dad looked at me and he thought that I was going to become that guy when I get older; playing games when I should have a business or a job instead. My dad took me into a corner of the store and said, “You are not playing those games anymore.”

I became sad and mad. Then, I started thinking of other things I could do instead of playing video games. I thought of cool things to do that could also inspire other children like me. And I wrote the book with these ideas.

RC: What are your goals, personal and general, with Game Over?

AD: My goal is to raise a lot of money to buy my first property and donate some to cancer research. I will earn  a lot of money per month, then I’ll use that money again to reinvest in other properties while continuing to donate to cancer research.

RC: Can adults benefit from the book too? Who is your readership?

AD: Adults can benefit from the book. I hope they do so they learn to spend more quality time with family.

RC: What kind of activities did you enjoy while your games were taken away from you?

AD: My favorite activity was when I flew my first drone,  it was pretty cool. Also, having water fights with my family and going zip lining!

RC: What did you learn from your personal “game over” experience?

AD: I learned that I was usually in my room, lights off, playing video games a lot and I did not usually talk to my friends as much as I do now.   I learned that there’s more than life than video games; you have family friends and sunlight!

RC: Who inspires you?

AD: My Pop Pop Samir, my Pop Pop Robert,  my Jedda, my grandma, my mom and dad are my inspiration.

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