Girl Against World – Poem


Getting bored of what I’m used to cause we are not living life how we need to
Just an ever- ending cycle of emotions cause everybody loves these romantic notions
But nobody gets how this can all be fake this is something I can never really take
I feel so different yet act the same, feeling as if this life is just a game
But that’s where I go wrong it’s nothing but a test but why am I not trying my best?
My head upon my hand and my mind deep in thought but the results always come out as nought
Not knowing whether I’m asleep or dead, shall I call it a nightmare and wake up instead
It’s a nightmare because I never really understand the depth of my emotions because it’s the same feeling as drowning in an ocean
But as I’m trying to wake up something is forcing me down my mind is something that was lost and found
Is that why I feel locked up inside? But then again I’m asking those who only know me by the outside
Every time the clock strikes they kill me before a second because people really like using hate as a weapon
My mind is fed up of this negative energy and also fed up of all of my enemies
That’s where the normal girl I am changes as my mind and my heart doesn’t cry but rages
Now I’m no longer interested in your weakness or talents I’m too busy protecting my triggered balance
I may look normal but I reject rejection and I don’t even have a type of selection
So even if my hand are on my head and my path to you seems like thread
Let me just warn you to stay away and mind your words with what you say
I’m used to the loneliness no need for your pitifulness
I know I can be as fragile as a pearl but that still doesn’t make me that normal girl
Because now I can finally say I’m used to it being… Girl. Against. World.

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