Grill’d at Chadstone

Rainy days call for comfort food!  Well, a healthy burger place in this particular case. Grill’d at Chadstone opened recently and I had read about how they were serving lobster rolls exclusively at their Chadstone store (not anymore though). To me, that was exciting news! I love lobster rolls so, I made a note to try it out.

Grill'd Menus

Grill’d has a semi self-service thing going on where you choose a table, order at the till, quote your table number and then have your food brought to you. They also have this charity initiative where you get a token after placing your order and you get to choose which charity they donate to. They choose three groups every month to give back AU$500 to. You can click here for more; I think it’s a pretty neat concept.

Grill'd Outdoor Seating

I took a look at their menu and everything seemed reasonably priced. The most expensive burger was about $13 and the steak sandwiches cost about $15. (Don’t convert to Naira please!) They also cater to people with gluten sensitivities, vegetarians and vegans. If you want low carb options too, they’ve got you.

Grill'd Outdoors Chadstone

Anyway, fast forward to when my meal arrived, I was shocked. The lobster roll was so small! I mean you can tell from the picture. The lobster roll is not on the menu and when I asked about it at the till, the guy tried to explain its size to me but I didn’t think it’d be that small! I googled what their burgers look like and they are generally not big but why did they decide on a smaller sized lobster roll? Cost?

Lobster roll + Fries

The sweet potato chips were nice. I thought I wouldn’t like them because they were thick cut but I enjoyed them. They were salted with what I believe was sea salt and I could taste some type of herb, thyme maybe, as well.

Small Lobster roll1

Despite its pretty much pint size, the lobster roll was good. I don’t know if it was because I was sitting outside on such a cold day but I’m pretty sure it’s a cold sandwich. The egg mayo, in my opinion, also had a lot to do with the tastiness of the roll. The bun was too grill’d though ( see what I did there 😉); it was too crunchy and hard sharp edges.

Small Lobster roll2

This meal will not hit the spot in terms of fullness, you’ll have space for dessert afterwards. That said, will I visit again? Probably. They have some veggie burger offerings I might be willing to try.



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