Let’s talk about Halal nail polish !

Are these nail polish halal

Salam ladies. Since the rise of the “nails on fleek” movement all over Tumblr, and the help of Kylie Jenner’s beautiful nails all over Instagram, we can’t count the number of nail art kits that launched the past year. But when you’re Muslim you might not find all this very exiting since you can’t wear nail polish 24/7. Well some brands thought about us and invented “breathable” nail polishes. It’s been a while now and I was positive that this trend wouldn’t last, I was clearly wrong.

Now the question rises. Are these nail polishes Halal?

I did my researches and the answer might not please our nail obsessed sisters me included.

What are the conditions that make a nail polish halal?

  1. Water should be able to go through it:

Well that is pretty obvious since the one thing that makes nail polish so complicated for us is that we can’t make wudhu with it since water doesn’t go through it. Now brands such as Tuesday in love or the inglot claim that their nail polishes are breathable in other words water goes underneath and touches your nail. They made a test on their website and it showed that indeed, the nail polish are breathable. But since they are manufacturers, they only want to sell their products right? That’s why I decided to make the test myself.

As a test case, I applied standard blue nail polish and a purple O2M on a coffee filter and allowed both to dry. And I placed another coffee filter below the painted one, then squeezed two drops of water over the nail polish. The water clearly went through the O2M but it was prevented from seeping through on the standard one.

So the test shows that the Inglot nail polish is breathable and water can go through it. No don’t jump yet because another question rises.

Is that small amount of water touching the nail is enough to validate wudhu ?

“…wash your faces and your arms…” (Qur’an, 5:6)

That’s the recommendation made by Allah in the Qur’an. Sound simple doesn’t it. But the scholars have been trying to understand what the word wash stands for and they came to the conclusion that water should touch the whole area and not a single spot should be left dry. Therefore everything creating a barrier between that part and water should be removed. The same thing goes for hair extensions.

2.You shouldn’t be able to peal it of

In other words, the nail polish shouldn’t create a barrier between water and the nail itself. Pretty much the same principle as the first one. Well they don’t respect this one.

Is it worth is?

I would say no. We all know the importance of prayer, it’s the first thing that ‘ll to be evaluated on the day of the judgement. We don’t want to risk it for anything! Let alone nail polish. We have the opportunity to wear nail polish during our period and that’s enough. We also have other alternatives like henna for example. And the tests might not work for you. We shouldn’t let little things like that affect the big picture.

Other people like Imams and sheikh are discussing this issue as well. They assumed that these nail polishes were halal, they still think that it crosses the limits of modesty. Having long colored nails is way too attractive according to them. Most of us might consider this a little extreme me included, I will stick to wearing it just on my period.

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