Hammer and Tong, Fitzroy Food Review

I had an early start today (this almost never happens, I love to sleep) and thought that since I was travelling, I would check a restaurant off my list. This restaurant was Hammer and Tong and I already knew what I was going to order: the Newtown peanut butter french toast with marshmallow, Nutella and raspberry cheesecake ice cream and I could already taste the peanut butter just by thinking about it.

Hammer and Tong outside

After a series of walks, bus and tram rides, I arrived at 413 Brunswick and couldn’t find Hammer and Tong. I was more or less just exhibiting tourist behaviour, it was right in front of me, just a bit obscure from plain sight. Once I got to the restaurant, I spotted A and we made our way in. Compared to its exterior, inside the restaurant is like a whole new world. The only available seats were window seats, which aren’t always the best for conversations.


We got seated, I scanned the menu for my french toast and it wasn’t there! I scanned through again and I still couldn’t find it. “Surely there must be another menu”, I thought.  The waitress however gave me the sad news: the online menu wasn’t up-to-date. Browsing through their Instagram page, I noticed that their menu has changed a couple of times. Nonetheless, there were still options I could from. I ordered the Zucchini Garden Beignets with poached egg, halloumi and a whole lotof veggies while A had the chilli omelette on toast with avocado. To drink, I had the Ice Matcha Latte.

Hammer and Tong hallway

Another option was to get the soft shell crab burger which has a whole soft shell crab between two buns. I passed on that option; wanted to save myself the thought of thinking I was eating a raw animal.

Zucchini Garden Beignets

My order was a well rounded dish with all the components complementing each other. The beignets were like spinach coated with dough but boy were they creamy! The halloumi cheese, which you can’t see, was probably the highlight of the dish. It was salty but not overbearingly so, and chewy. It kinda had the consistency of chewy tofu.  The dish came with a poached egg which I gave away, no runny yolks for me!

The omelette wasn’t bad: the bread was crispy, which I liked, and the eggs were nicely done.
Chilli omelette
Chilli omelette

The matcha ice latte, although creamy and nice, was served in this small glass. Upsize people! And, I know, weird choice for a cold day but the heart wants what it wants. Hehe. It’s supposed to be spring so let’s pretend it was not cold.

matcha ice latte
Matcha Ice Latte

Conclusion? Not bad Hammer and Tong! They provided a great, filling breakfast.

Hammer and Tong is located at 412 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065.



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  1. I love any place called Hammer and Tong. The Omelette looks delish. Now you got me wondering where I can secure some Beignets in Lagos

  2. Thank goodness the food was good. Couldn’t help thinking Ting Tong Macadangdang from Little Britain might be the owner of that restaurant.

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