A Hijabi Natural Hair Regimen

Salaam Alaykum Sisters,

I hope you all are doing great today in sha Allah. So today I will be talking about taking care of those curls and Kinks beneath the hijab. This post isn’t only dedicated to naturals only but also hijabis or Muslim women in general with relaxed hair.

I know people say maintaining your natural hair is work or stressful or whatever, but common you don’t expect to have beautiful and healthy Kinks and curls without actually investing your time in it, do you?

Just because your hair is covered and you think no one is going to see or notice it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t actually give it the care and attention it requires does it?

Anyway so here is a hijabi natural hair regimen:

The natural hair especially type-4 hair in its natural state (without water or product) is dry.

And excessive dryness leads to excessive breakage.

As a woman with natural hair, you need to dedicate time for your wash day. Your wash day is basically a day preferably weekends if you aren’t doing anything much dedicated to: Cleanse and condition to rejuvenate those curls.

Here is a very simple regimen you can follow as a hijabi with natural hair.


If your hair is in a protective or low manipulation style such as cornrows, twists, flat twists etc. You should at least try to:

  • Spritz your hair with water every single day followed by your favourite oil or leave in conditioner. Whichever works for you. This process is called the LOC (LIQUID,OIL, CREAM) or LCO ( LIQUID,CREAM,OIL) method. hotoiltreatment
  • You can substitute cream for Shea butter or cocoa butter if you do not have a leave in conditioner. shea-butter
  • And you can also use any of your favourite oils such as Castor oil, olive, coconut or avocado oil to help seal in the moisture.

That isn’t so difficult, is it?


At least once a week, a simple scalp massage with a hot oil treatment should be done. This helps to stimulate hair growth.

A hot oil treatment basically consists of warming a mixture of your favourite essential oil e.g. Peppermint oil with any of your carrier oil egg Castor oil.

castor-oil-clear-or-jamaican-650x365This applies to hijabis wearing a protective style, e.g. cornrows, twists, etc.


Deep condition with your favourite conditioner at most  twice a month, and you can follow up with any treatment that works for you. A moisturising deep conditioner is best. Depending on the kind of stress your hair has undergone. For example, if you dye your hair, you’ll need to get a protein deep conditioning treatment to help replace the lost protein. This may be done every 3 months.

Trimming of split ends is also very important. With trimming actually does a lot of good to your hair but you may not know this.  Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and they have the highest tendency to become weak very quickly. Your ends get split ends and knots due to so much manipulation and not trimming those ends will end up causing breakage making hair growth stunt or stagnant.

So don’t forget to always trim.


Don’t forget… Healthy hair will grow.


Salam Alaykum Warahmatullah.

Zainab Sarumi of The Curly Belle
Zainab Sarumi of The Curly Belle

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  1. Salams sister, this is a very general yet helpful natural hair care regimen. I classify hijabs as protective styling , they keep our hair tucked away from harsh elements that can lead to breakage.

  2. Salam anleykoum sister. Jazakallah kheir for the advices. Al hamdoulillah I have huge medium length 4a hair. I always keep it in medium twists (mini twists will take me 1week i don t have that time haha) but my hijab looks too big. Any suggestions to have flater looking hijab?

  3. Salaam alaikum sis……thank you for the advice…….I have thick 4c hair, a little past the shoulder length…..any advice on low manipulation hijab friendly styles I can try out to take a braid from protective styles…….love from Ghana♥️

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