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When I am on instagram, I instantly start glossing through images of #hijabistas, also hijabloggers who are the epitome of fashion while preserving their individuality as hijabis in their own rights. As I thumb my way up the images in EXPLORE, I find these three #hijabistas particularly inspiring. They are each from a different country from one another and have their own specific style. Meet USA´s @nostylgia_, Sweden´s @setareeh and UK´s @juicyali.

Syeda Samia Hassan (USA), a.k.a. @Nostylgia_

Credit: instagram @airharth

R.Your images on instagram are breathtaking and you dare to be bold in your fashion sense, which is still true to your own, personal style identity! You seem to be very much into vintage, flares and prints. How would YOU define your personal style?

S. There are so few looks/styles I don’t like that it’s difficult to define my style as one thing. I melt when I see an extremely bohemian or grungy outfit, just as much as when I see the simplest, most minimalistic one. I love it all and try to mix all genres for my looks, as long as it embodies soul and some effortless nature, no matter how loud or quiet the look may be.

I give credit to my South Asian roots when defining my style, as well. The reason why I’m drawn to both loud, colorful bohemian looks as much as a simple, chic, all-black outfit is because South Asian fashion can mix it all up and create something so “eye-gasmic.” We can take a color like black or a color like magenta, incorporate it with some silver and/or gold, add every texture of fabric imaginable and create the classiest piece anyone has ever seen.

                                                Credit: Instagram @talktouno

With that said, my style must embody two things at all times: comfort and confidence, which go hand-in-hand. Feeling uneasy in what you’re wearing will suck the fun out of portraying your personal style the way you envision it. Style IS confidence, now more than ever, in a time where literally anything can be fashion forward. The time we’re living in, incorporates looks from all generations; I don’t believe there is one definitive look or style at this time. There is no specific look that is “in” anymore. What’s “in” is loving what you’re wearing and knowing that it can inspire anyone at any moment.

R. Bravo! Couldn´t have said it better, myself! By the way, you must have a fabulous collection in your wardrobe! How do you decide what to wear each day?

Credit. Instagram @talktouno

S. My wardrobe isn’t anything extravagant, at all. Your average hijabi’s wardrobe, just worse probably because it becomes such a mess so fast. I’ve been trying my best not to buy the same type of clothing, so I can maintain a variety. Growing up, I recall a lot of the hijabi community around me being under the impression that there was a limited amount of styles that hijabis can pull off.

When I decided to wear hijab, myself, I specifically wanted to incorporate modesty in looks that hijabis might have thought they could not pull off. I wanted to prove that we can be as versatile as anyone else and embrace all genres of fashion. It also helps me remember that we don’t necessarily have to have 30 cardigans in our wardrobe because cardigans provide the best coverage and are the most convenient. Haha. There’s so much more out there to experiment and work with!

I’ll usually decide what to wear based on one article of clothing I have in mind for that particular outing. For example, if I’m going out with friends and remember a new pair of boots I’ve been wanting to wear, I’ll base the rest of my outfit on those boots. On the other hand, if I’m going to a doctor’s appointment, the first thing that’ll pop in to my head is an oversized, comfy sweater, and I’ll build a simple outfit and even whatever little makeup I’ll put on my face around that. And then, there are those times I’m really in the mood to throw on a turquoise hijab and build an oufit around that. 

You know when they say follow your gut instinct, the same applies when I’m

Credit: Instagram @talktouno

deciding what to wear. When I think to pair a laced, bell-sleeved top with denim overalls, I’ll try my best to not overthink my decision because I find the more I question it, the more I begin to conform to a look that’s more basic and predictable.

R. What do you think is very ´´in´´ right now for the winter hijabi?

S. I’m going to disregard the validity of the statement I’m about to make and just go ahead and claim that hijabis CREATED fall/winter fashion. “Modest wear” is everywhere and for everyone. And colder weather is the perfect time for us to finesse what we wear and how we wear it. Layers, layers & layers. We are pros at layering. Blanket scarves (my favorite), oversized coats and sweaters, cardigans. These things never get old, are perfect to keep us comfortable and warm, and they define winter fashion in general. We’ve been doing winter fashion right and kudos to us for pulling it off even when it gets warmer. Haha! 

Credit: Instagram @talktouno

R. How can we follow you?

S. I showcase my fashion sense and all styles I love on my instagram account, nostylgia_.


Shama Vafaipour (Sweden), a.k.a. @Setareeh

Credit: Instagram @uncre8ive

R. Your images on instagram are cool and mysterious. You, sometimes, appear to be the hijabi version of Audrey Hepburn, laid back with shades. Tell me, what defines your personal style? Where do you like to shop? 

Sh. Thanks for that lovely comment! I think my style is varied. I usually get dressed based on my mood for the day and what I feel for, which changes daily. I love to dress in different materials, patterns and colors and to create a suitable combination of those. It may sound a bit strange, but I try not to follow so many style icons on social media because I don’t want to be inspired much by other people’s styles too much, I’d rather let my creativity flow.

If I want to have some inspiration, I usually get it from events, photographs, places and even items in my daily life. Also, I don’t like to spend too much money on clothes since I’m not a fan of capitalism, so I dare to say that I almost always shop clothes that are on sale. My clothes dictate my style, and not the other way around. I let the clothes I buy make my style for that particular day. That’s when I feel the best and it feels like my outfit is the most complete.

Credit: Instagram @uncre8ive

A good style doesn’t have to be expensive. I don’t have a fixed idea of “this is my style/not my style” when I shop because I don’t like to limit myself. I simply buy what I think looks good and is cheap. I also consider if I already have similar garments at home. If that’s the case, I refrain from buying it because I feel it’s unnecessary to spend money on a similar item. I’ve been shopping Online for the past few years since. Recently, I don’t have a lot of time to spend going around from store to store. I prioritize other things. 

R. You must have an incredible collection in your wardrobe! How do you decide what to wear?

Well, yes I have a big wardrobe that I love and am so thankful to have. Since my style is so diverse, I feel the need to have a bigger collection than I would if my style was fixed. I need to have clothing in different styles, colors and so on, which makes it a bit harder because I’m in big need of space. But of course, it also makes it more fun! I love to play with such a wide range of items. Most often, I try to match a combination of two, maximum three, elements. For example, if I mix black with lace and red, we have a combination of three. Or items in the same material, for example, cotton, but in three different colors.

Credit: Instagram @uncre8ive

R. What do you think is very ´´in´´ right now for the winter hijabi?

Sh. I would say long coats in different shades of nude and big, cozy, knitted sweaters. I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking only, but I would love to see more hijabis with hats this winter!

R. How can we follow your you?

Sh. For now, I have my Instagram-page, setareeh,  which is where I mostly post my outfits and photographs I take.


Jussa Ali (UK), a.k.a. @Juicyali 

 Credit: @mizanahmedphoto

R.Your images on instagram are beautiful and classy. Your style seems to be Gothic galore, but within limits! How would YOU define your personal style? Where do you like to shop?

J. Aw, thank you so much! I´d probably define my personal style as feminine, glamorous, with gothic undertones. I´m not really a casual person unless I´m at home, of course! I have never felt comfortable going out in a hoodie or something. Likewise, I only wear trainers if I know I will be doing a lot of walking, never really wear them for fashion reasons. I mean, some people look great in that kind of style, but for me, it´s glamor all the way. It´s obviously toned down during the day though. If I´m going out for the evening, I always love the idea of putting an outfit together. I have to say, I was a little more adventurous with my outfits in my younger days, but now that I am a mom, I feel like I have to tone it down a little, haha! 

I love incorporating a gothic element into my style, black, fur, lace and just dark colors in general. That´s not to say, I don´t wear lighter colors. I do, but not very often. I admire fashion icons like Morticia Adams and Amy Lee from Evanescence. It´s not so much what they wear, but what they embody: class, elegance, power and a hint of mystery.

R. Where do you shop?

J. Where do I shop? I think Zara has something for everyone. But, there are also more affordable stores like Stradivarius which sell somewhat similar items. I absolutely love Urban Outfitters, which always has amazing, unique pieces and they´re always different to what you´ll find in other stores. It´s always edgy and fashion-forward.

R.You must have a stunning collection in your wardrobe! How do you decide what to wear? 

J. I actually don’t have a lot of clothes! I blame that on a lack of space so I recycle what I can and make sure I buy pieces that are classic. I also get rid of clothes often, ensuring I don’t hoard and make room for new items. I tend to buy a put together outfit. It just helps me from spending ages on deciding what goes with which item. For example, if I buy a top, I’d get some trousers with it or a skirt. That way, you don´t take it home and spend ages looking for something it goes with.

R. What do you think is very ´´in´´ right now for the winter hijabi?

J. You can´t go wrong with faux fur and long cosy jumpers, whether you wear a hijab or not! Winter/holiday season is when you can go all out, with all the christmas parties happening, so a little sparkle never hurt anyone. I’m loving everything tassle-related at the moment, from earrings to clothes.  

R. How can we follow you?

J. Check out my Instagram account, juicyali, or my blog. 

Rumki Chowdhury
Rumki Chowdhury


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