House of Fraser has extended its range of sporty clothing for Muslim women

House of Fraser has extended its range of sporty clothing for Muslim women. 

The high street store is now stocking black unitards for adults and black body suits that come with a separate black hijab for children. 

The new items of clothing, which are produced by the company Shorso UK are designed to be worn for swimming and aerobics.

The company already supplies the bodysuits to more than 60 primary and secondary schools in the UK.

Jessica Robinson, Shorso UK’s Regional Commercial Director said: ‘We are very proud of our achievements with House of Fraser and will be growing our range within the next few months.

It is a pleasure to bring these products to the UK and internationally.

‘We enable people to be active, without compromise – that’s what makes us unique.’

The launch of the new £36 unitards at House of Fraser comes two months after they started selling sports hijabs that are designed for women to wear while doing exercise.

The high street store has a number of the brightly covered head scarves on sale on their website.

The hijab covers the head and chest and is worn by Muslim women after the onset of puberty as a sign of modesty in the presence of men who are outside their immediate family.

It is different from the niqab, which is a full face veil and has proved divisive in schools and public life, for example if wearers are giving evidence in court.

There has been controversy over whether it is right for girls attending state schools to wear religious dress rather than the standard uniform and in jobs like nursing.

But the fact that a mainstream retailer is starting to stock sport hijabs and unitards is likely to be welcomed as a breakthrough by Muslim parents who have so far had to rely on specialist shops.

The hijabs, which are made by Shorso, come in floral, striped and plan black designs retail at £14.99.


The item description reads: ‘This patterned sports hijab is perfect for swimming and aerobics.

‘The light weight and durable fabric adjusts to your head size, allowing for a perfect fit every time.’

Because the sports hijab closely fits the head, it is less likely to get caught when a girl is playing sport.

There have been several reports previously of Muslim girls sitting out of sports lessons in shcools because of a safety concern about wearing a normal veil.

The hijab in sport has long been a contested issue.

In 2014, the Qatar women’s basketball team withdrew from the Asian Games in South Korea after they were forbidden from wearing the hijab during matches.

Regulations on sport uniforms in world basketball dictate that headger and hair accessories are both banned from the court.

In the same year, Fifa announced it was allowing the use of head scarves in matches for religious reasons.

A spokesperson for House of Fraser told MailOnline: ‘I can confirm that are we are now stocking the Shorso sportswear brand online at

‘As an international retailer that delivers to over 130 countries worldwide we offer a wide range of products to suit our diverse customer base.’

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