How To Be Thrifty With Your Makeup

“How did that bottle of foundation go down so quickly?” “When did my eyeliner get so short?” Makeup can disappear before your eyes if you’re not careful, so if that sounds like you read on for some thrifty tips. Apart from anything, think of the money you’ll save.

First of all, consider making your foundation a little lighter – it’s more modern anyway, and tends to help you look younger too. Using the right tools can give you a flawless finish with little product and while many reach for a brush or use fingertips, a damp sponge is a good option.

Because it’s slightly wet the foundation will blend easier, as well as ensuring no clumpy or dry patches. Pop a spot of the liquid on the sponge, or dip it into the cream/mousse, and apply outwards from the centre of your face to get an even, light coverage.

When it comes to concealer, use a small brush and apply only to the areas you most need it. Again keep to a light layer as the thicker it is, the more likely it will be to crust over as the day goes on. Or simply mix a dash of concealer into your foundation to cover imperfections with your base.

You may find those steps easy, but how to go about your lashes? If you treat your lashes with a thin layer of Vaseline or even olive oil on a regular basis they’ll grow thicker and stronger too, meaning you won’t need that extra coat of mascara. Massaging your eyelids can help with this too, and we all know the wonders of an eyelash curler!

Lipstick addict? Then why not try making your own lipstick palette? Cut a small section of your lippy off, gently melt it into an empty slot in a palette and use a brush to apply next time you want to wear it. Simple!

It all comes down to the quality of the products too – in some cases you may want to splash out so you can get more from less, such as foundation.

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