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Nadia has always loved drawing, but at the age of 15 she realised that it was more than just a passion, it was actually a beautiful talent, masha’Allah. She sought to improve her talent by taking classes and learning as much as she could about the field, but unfortunately there were no drawing institutes in her city where she could take classes. However this did not stop her. She decided that she would draw an average of 2 portraits a year to practice and help nurture her talent. Each portrait is very time consuming, and although she could have practiced a lot more she told Hayati Magazine, after 3 years of consistent practice she was able to notice immense improvement.
When I look at her pieces, they are very realistic and exemplary of a professional portrait artist. Each piece tells a story and as the viewer it is apparent that time and acute attention to detail was spent on each one of them. When asked about her talent, Nadia was very humble and let Hayati Magazine know that she does not see herself as a professional artist. She believes that she still needs a lot of work in order to reach such a level. She confesses that she does indeed use a grid when drawing and explains that for her part of being a professional is being able to draw without one. I do not know much about professional portrait art but I do believe that Nadia’s talent is not shy from it.
Art for many is about emotions, feelings and even passion and for Nadia it is just the same. She is inspired to create art by the way she feels about the subject, her emotions at that point in time and the beauty which sees through her subject. Nadia is strictly a portrait artist and prefers to only use pencil degrees as her medium. As she journeys through her talent, she is yet to draw a large scale portrait of someone however she does tell Hayati Magazine that it is something she may try soon. Like you may be thinking, she confirms that she does get many requests for portraits but one she was very happy about was the portrait she made of her family.
Talents are very precious gifts from Allah swt and we should try to nurture and develop them. Nadia was unable to take classes to help improve her talent, however that did not stop her and she decided on her own that she would do her best to practice. Years later, although it took her time, she is able to say that her talent has immensely improved and as she continues to work towards perfecting it she knows it may take a few more years.

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