2020 Internships

Hayati Magazine - Woman


We are looking for a part-time online Social Media Intern to plan and execute full-fledged social media campaigns and strategies. Candidate should be energetic, enthusiastic, and able to thrive in a fast-paced working environment. Creativity is a must.

We are looking for a candidate who:

    • Is a marketing/social media and/or a similar field major or has a bachelor’s degree in one of the specified fields
    • Is Photoshop savvy
    • Is knowledgeable and skilled in all areas of social media including but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, etc.
    • Is a strong writer, a clever thinker and is able to work in a fast-paced environment
    • Has strong communication skills, both written and verbal
    • Is able to work independently and be self-motivated while still working within a team environment
    • Can create captivating posts to increase fan engagement and improve website traffic
    • Has a love and passion for fashion and accessories
    • Is responsible, extremely detail-oriented, organized, and professional
    • Can think and work creatively to put together strategies based on clients’ wants and needs
    • Is a hard worker and a go-getter

Undergraduate Students: Please make sure your allegeable for credit.  

Send your CV to contacthayati@gmail.com


We are looking for an online Editorial Intern who will support the editorial team in building and writing editorial content for hayatimagazine.com. Candidate should ideally be a journalism or communication student or graduate looking to gain experience working on a website.

Responsibilities: The intern will help support the digital editorial team responsible for the daily and weekly programming of hayatimagazine.com. The intern will have the opportunity to pitch and write original content and will learn how to use a digital Content Management System and update and maintain digital content. This is not a strictly editorial internship; expect that there will be some production work.


We are looking for a candidate who can:

    • Doing research for larger story packages or campaigns.
    • Pitching and writing new content for hayatimagazine.com.
    • Making updates to existing content or adding new recipes and projects to existing galleries.
    • Keeping track of what new content is published during the week and communicating it to the rest of the team.
    • Attending print story idea meetings with digital editors (via Skype). Contributing to brainstorms about how print content can be executed online.
    • Building features, galleries, recipes, projects, and blog posts for hayatimagazine.com

Undergraduate Students: Please make sure your allegeable for credit.  

Send your CV to contacthayati@gmail.com