Muslimah fashion is all about beauty and simplicity. Our cover, an illustration of a classy well covered Muslimah, was drawn by Momna Aakel and shows that there is art and beauty in being a covered Muslimah (page 48). As one of the rising Muslim illustrators, Momna talks about her multiple roles as a student, artist, and family leader. With griping truth and reality, our article on knowing the right time to leave a marriage is something every woman should read and learn from in order to build a better lasting home of their own (page 14). As usual, our M.A.C. Cosmetics Pro, Holly Knoyle-Hughes, brings you this month’s hottest beauty picks (page 27). Travel the world with Hayati’s hot spots of the month and stay on top of your home with our amazing house cleaning tips and food recipes  (page 81). Enjoy the magnificent fashion styles that we have ready for you and don’t forget to write us and let us know what you think about the magazine, what you would like to see and hear more of.


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