Krik? Krack!

Almost thirty years after the novel was released, Krik? Krack! by Haitan-American author Edwidge Dandicat is still relevant. One stark resemblance and observation among Black people around the world—displaced or not—is that they all share tidbits of the same culture. And this novel attest to that.

Krik? Krack! by Edwige Dandicat is a collection of short stories about Haitians in Haiti and in America. The book starts off oddly but by the end of the book, we make the connection between all the short stories; colonialism, slavery, women with broken spirits, mothers wanting sons-in-law with cultural manners, the unseen, African folklore, sacrifices made, lives lost and much more.

Another trend we picked up with African literature is that it is more cryptic. Some African writers’ works don’t translate well in English on purpose. They do it to keep the original dialect in transliteration to keep their native tongue alive someway, somehow. It’s only when the reader realizes it that it can truly enjoy African literature.

Our favorite quote : “… things you say, thoughts you have, will decide how people treat you.”

Rating : 4/5

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