Life after college

Remember gazing at that senior in absolute awe and admiration, wondering how they crossed the heaps and piles of never ending assignments and projects? I do. And I wonder two years later, why I thought my life after college would be better. No more waking up early morning and leaving the warm comfortable bed, only to attend the most boring and tedious lectures to fall asleep on a wooden bench instead. I remember forcing myself to stay up in a few classes and fervently praying to Allah for college days to be over in the blink of an eye. And so they are. Over, in the blink of an eye. I was so busy mourning over the sacrifice of my sleep and comfort that I failed to notice the magic in monotony…

Two years down the lane, I am filled with a sickening nostalgia for that class full of girls from different walks of life, all hailing from various cultures, with so many dreams and ambitions that made it a world of its own. There is a sort of comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your struggle to complete assignments and projects, of knowing there are at least 50 more minds feeling tortured by the sprinting deadlines, and in knowing your future bridesmaids are secretly cursing you for scoring better than them in the final term. There is a sort of comfort in belonging to a place which protects you from the harsh reality of the real world out there. Being under the watchful gaze and genuine concern for your future by none other than those amazing teachers who give you more than bookish lessons.

Life after college, is not easy. It is difficult to find a place in this world where you are taken for who you are. You could be one lazy specimen with your talents covered in ten layers of doubt and insecurity and still be a part of something great. Once you are severed from this relationship, do you begin to appreciate the blessing of belonging. We all need a place to belong, to be a part of. Getting a job right out of college, finding a partner thereafter and minting money to live a life of luxuries is nothing but a fantasy. What’s real is the overwhelming number of rejections and failures before you get to even spell success! Not to paint a negative picture of the world, nor to make college life sound like a fantasy land where you aren’t aware of reality. But I am sure a lot of you would agree with me, life during college, was a little less painful.

Life beyond college though has its own beauty. There are a lot of firsts to live, the first job, the first appreciation, the first pay check, the first fall and the first victory. There is joy in experiencing struggle yourself, not even the best college can teach you. Life is the best teacher and it will shape you into something real if you allow it to. The trick is to not hold yourself back and keep going no matter how ridiculous your attempts may seem. The trick is to keep going, even if you feel you’re going to fail, and when you do fail, give it another try and keep trying until you get there, because time will not stop for you and opportunity is a fleeting thing. Life will demand from you- perseverance and strength in all that you do. It will demand you to let go of things and it will keep pushing you until you choose to move on. You will be a citizen of this world, your compassion and ideals will be your id proof, so hold yourself together, it’s a long journey god willing!

Oh, but the days of fun and glory! Of passing coded messages and doodling in textbooks in the middle of the lectures, of helping each other out in those surprise tests and bunking classes like a pro. Those magical days of ‘’group studies’’ which either turned into photography sessions or movie marathons, managing somehow to not fail the test anyway. Those final days of knowing you will embark upon a journey equally or more so beautiful, but perhaps alone. Some friends will fall off the bandwagon, and some will remain for a lifetime. Life is a beautiful journey, and these are the golden moments in the album of life. Every struggle will build in you a new resolve and every memory will transport you to another time. Cheers to the best days of our lives! Because folks, beyond this territory is a world full of colours you do not yet recognize.

Maimoona Sumbul

She is Saudi Arabia based and currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance.

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