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This month has been very eventful for us at Hayati. We all celebrated Eid, many of us gathered with our families and created memories to last a lifetime. We have also been going through major changes here at Hayati. We have taken the time to enhance the look and content of our magazine to better please all our readers. It is more classy and modern and the content is more broad and reflective of our audience. I am always eager and pleased to hear from you all. I would really love for you to email or message me though BBM, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let me know what you love and dislike about Hayati. Give me pointers on what you would love to see more of and less of. I would really love for you all to help us create a better product for you.

This month we are back at it again in covering the topic of marriage, but more specifically the process of choosing a partner and the practice of polygamy. In the past, a few of our readers expressed major interest in reading more about marriage. One reader specifically wanted to hear more about the negative side of polygamy and urged us not to be one sided in portraying polygamy as a rosy walk in the park. With that in mind, I drew from my personal interaction with polygamy as well the personal life of a few women who were willing to share their stories.

I still want to hear from you!

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