“Makeup For Your Soul” Speaks to Girls and Women

Khadijah Abdul-Azeez is the author of “Makeup for Your Soul” or M.F.Y.S. Beauty, for short. She is a creative storyteller who provides the step-by-step guide to actual makeup application with relation to her personal experiences in life that have inspired self-esteem or inner-beauty. Discover who she is and what M.F.Y.S. Beauty could mean to you, inside and out:

R.Tell us about how you were inspired to write M.F.Y.S. Beauty. What brought this concept to light?

K.I knew how lost I felt in trying to find my identity in beauty and I only found my identity in outer beauty because I didn’t know what the  definition of beauty meant. I knew that inner beauty existed, but there is so much attention put on our outer appearance. This is when I began to explore and achieve inner beauty.

The concept came to light when I wanted to teach self-development and inspire self-esteem in girls, but I knew I had to do it in such a creative way to really make the message stick out. One day, I was working at the front desk of the Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta, GA and I said, out loud, “I really want to write a book.” My coworker asked me what would I write about and I said I want to speak to women. We had a long conversation of brain storming and that night, I went home and I prayed. The next day, I thought to myself, girls love makeup. I will turn every makeup step into inner beauty! And that’s how it all began.

I was always so interested in the beauty world, which is makeup, skincare, fashion, fragrance. And so, I decided to look back at my life and ask myself questions. I asked myself what are the mistakes you made? What are the problems you faced? How can I put it in a fun way, to not only share my story, but to also make every woman feel included in the steps and the processes of achieving beauty inside and out. 

In M.F.Y.S. Beauty, I keep it real and authentic, I talk about chasing beauty because of childhood trauma, I talk about getting manipulated because I was never taught how to set boundaries, I talk about growing up Muslim and not understanding it and so much more.  I wanted to make sure that I share the message that inner beauty only comes when we start applying skills to our life, skills that help us cope with all the pain life throws at us.

R.How did you structure your writing?

K. I started my writing off, free-writing, no specific story. I wanted to related every makeup step back to my personal experiences. Firstly, I researched every makeup step or how to apply makeup, its order and purpose, eventually relating it back to my own life moment. 

R.Tell us about your personal life; who or what inspires you?

K.My personal life is all about personal growth or development, being refreshed from what I learn. Right now, it feels like I am still laying down the foundation for my life so I can step on top, on the first level of it and create even more. I truly feel like my personal life and my brand M.F.Y.S BEAUTY is completely one. 

Honestly, everyone that I come across that is doing what they love to do and every time I see someone stepping out there and making moves, it gives me so much inspiration and so much joy. Everyone I meet keeps me going and makes it feel safe for me to follow my dreams and be myself. My followers and supporters inspire me ;every time I see them doing their thing, it makes me use every bit of knowledge that I have to continue to do my thing as well.

R.What books or authors do you like to read?

K. I have a lot of books and if you were to take a look at my book collection, you would notice that a lot of my books are all about self-development. One book sitting right next to me, right now, is the book “The 5 Essential People Skills” by Dale Carnegie. I knew that in order to help others, then I had to first develop myself!

I also have a book called, “How to be Optimistic” and “Millionaire Success Habits.” I’m so fascinated with learning the simple rules on how to be successful.

I read the Quran everyday because that is the top success book! Allah is the king and so we got His rules of success. I am drawn to the beauty of success in this life to get ready for the next life.

R.How can people keep up-to-date with your book release and other related information?

K.Check out my website

Follow me on my instagram page

or email me khadijah@mfysbeauty.com

Do not forget to sign up for and catch her at her official book signing party on August 7, 2020, 6.00 PM-10.00 PM at 4717 Jonesboro Rd., Forest Park, GA 30297

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