This Man Is Dating A Woman While He Is Married

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This may be shocking, yet his words are very wise …. Jared Wilson is a writer and a husband. He also has a blog where he writes very sensible stuff … And he also used his blog for this strange confession, which recently ignited the canvas … You’ll quickly understand why.

“I have a confession to make. I am married and I have a lover.

Yes, I’m dating a woman. She’s really an amazing girl. She is beautiful, intelligent, playful, and strong … I like to go out with her in the evening, inviting her to the restaurant, to the movies, and when I see her, I tell her how beautiful she is. I can’t stay angry with her more than five minutes, and her smile has the power to brighten my day when I meet her.

Sometimes she comes to visit me at my work without warning. Sometimes she brings me a delicious lunch, or she surprises me with a good cake she cooked herself. I can’t believe how much I’m lucky to go out with this woman even though I’m married. And I also strongly encourage you to try this, you will see how much it will enchant your life!

Oh! Did I mention that this lover, the woman I’m dating is my wife? What you were expecting ..?

What I mean by this is that it’s not because you are married, your amorous life has to stop.

I want to continue to be the lover of my wife and go out with her like the first day even after I married her. I don’t want to stop courting her, I don’t want to stop the charm just because we both said “yes”. Yet I very often see relationships fall into the routine because people have stopped to consider themselves as lovers.

When proposing for someone or even in the first days when you met and decide to get married, you get to know a person in a special and unique way. Why would you want it to stop? This should not. The excitement you experienced during your first appointment should not turn off because of the passing years. Wake up each day and remind your wife of how beautiful and gorgoeus she is like you’re still in the early stages of your relationship. You will see that just by considering the matter in this way, your relationship will change from completely.

In any relationship, communication and the constant quest to please the other is the key. What is love if not that?

I encourage you to often go out with your wife, to court her with all your energy and all your heart … and remember that a “yes” does not mean she is acquired and that you don’t have nothing to do. on the contrary, it is only the beginning. “

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