Marriage Recipe

Written by Zeneefa Zaneer

An excerpt from the novel Nothing but Love

One more time…

Take two empty hearts
Glue them with a halal knot
Fill them with a few cups of TRUST
Throw in some slices of INTEREST
Pour a pint of CARE
And a barrel of LAUGHTER
Knead them well
For the bond to be elastic
And one gallon of PATIENCE
Mix with a bucket of UNDERSTANDING
Sweeten with plenty of COUPLE time
Dash in an ample amount of KINDNESS
A spoonful of FLATTERY
Stir in a palmful of ENCOURAGEMENT
Spice in with some SURPRISES
Sprinkle with HOPE
Blend them together
Until you get a fine texture
Measure NOT the affection
It causes separation
Pat it when APPRECIATION is needed
Prick it when RIGHT PATH to be shown
Bake it well to ENJOY together
Garnish with dainty SMILES and endless LOVE
Serve not when hot and leave not to be cold
For we don’t live forever
We have to depart when we are called

Bio: The author of Nothing but Love, Unlocking One Another and I’m fasting this Ramadan, Zeneefa Zaneer is a bilingual writer from Sri Lanka. Her pen plays a major role in inspiring the youth. Her experience in writing fiction for over fifteen years has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She enjoys writing contemporary fiction about Muslims.

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