Mint Chocolate Hearts Wrap Review

This weekend, we took a “spur of the moment” mini vacation to Niagra Falls. I literally had no time to pack and get ready. My husband, like most husbands, expects me to pack and get myself ready in 20 minutes. (Haha not gonna happen) it took me an hour obviously because other than dressing myself I had to choose which outfits and hijabs I wanted to take with me. One of these hijabs which I took with me was the mint chocolate hearts hijab by Haute Hijab. It’s a beautiful scarf and I absolutely love it! I give it a 9/10
I’m not giving it a full 10 because I’m a hijab perfectionist and it kept sliding in every direction (even with the multiple pins I had all over it!!) This scarf is definitely a must have!!

Alya Alfaouri

One half of the Écharpe Mode blog, Alya is a 26 year old, Half Jordanian, Half Lebanese, American born, mother of 2. She has a B.S. in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University. Alya has always been passionate about human rights and politics as well as fashion design, beauty, and art.

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