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SANROUF LONDON is an online modest boutique. They promote modesty through their contemporary designs in fashion apparel & accessories. The aim of the brand is to make every woman inwardly special and outwardly fashionable whilst still maintaining her modesty.

sanrouf london

Many people believe that a woman cannot be both stylish in her dressing and modest. However, SANROUF LONDON begs to differ and wants to break these barriers & stereotypes. They cater to any woman who wants to be both fashionable and modestly dressed.

There is a whole team behind the brand who is working very hard to provide and cater for the woman of today.  Sanjana Rouf, a London-based fashion enthusiast is the creative designer & the founder of SANROUF LONDON. This is her only venture at the moment and her team and her work every day to provide something better & unique to please their customers.

sanrouf london

As a hijabi Muslim, Sanjana always found it challenging to find dresses or tops which she didn’t have to cover with a cardigan or jacket, etc. “High street retailers are doing fantastic in terms of designs & quality,” she says, “however when I wanted something that didn’t need layering, I fell short of choice”, she continued. “I thought there must be many other women out there who feel the same way. That’s when I decided to open my own boutique and sell ready-to-wear attires, which have loose silhouettes & unique designs”.

Sanjana knew it would be difficult to break into the market, as there are a few well-known brands which have been in the business for quite some time. However, her aim is to provide these clothes at an economical & reasonable price so everyone can afford them.

sanrouf london

“It has been overwhelming,” she said, and “I even have had compliments from non-Muslim clients as well who had been very supportive of my designs and thought they could even pull the clothes off due to their versatility”.

The ultimate dream of SANROUF LONDON would be to start its own retailing business on the high street so that any woman who wants to dress modestly, fashionably and comfortably, can walk into the shop and pick something up for themselves without thinking about affordability.

SANROUF LONDON ships worldwide and even offers free worldwide shipping for orders over 150GBP. They have plans to eventually sell merchandise to international stockists and watch the SANROUF LONDON brand grow fonder to every woman’s heart from every part of the world.

sanrouf london

Currently they are not affiliated with any company, however, given the right time and opportunity, they would love to affiliate with companies who have the same ethics & flair, in the future. In this day and age where the Internet is a massive part of everyone’s life, blogging    has had a crucial play. Young women aspire from bloggers and look up to them in regards to fashion, beauty & makeup. SANROUF LONDON would love to collaborate with bloggers from different countries to reach out to women belonging everywhere.

They will be releasing four collections every year. The collections being: Autumn/Winter, Spring/Summer, Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha.

There is a sustainable side to the brand which very few people know about. They have a group of dedicated and hard working people working from a very underprivileged environment. These people are very skilled in terms of sewing & artwork, however, they are unemployed and their living conditions are very poor. SANROUF LONDON gives them an opportunity to work by providing a daily wage which is enough for them to live a happy & prosperous life.

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